Sunday, March 20, 2011

Book Review: Lessons from Stanley the Cat by Dr. Jennifer Freed

One little book, that is packed with a mountain of helpful advice is what you'll discover in Lessons from Stanley the Cat: Nine Lives of Everyday Wisdom by Dr. Jennifer Freed.

In this loving tribute to her cat, Stanley, Dr. Freed shares the tidbits of  wisdom she learned from her feline companion. The book is broken down into four sections: You and Yourself, You and Others, Love and Lust, and Healthy Habits.

Simple in nature, these nuggets of wisdom are easy to remember. You could write down your favorites and stick them on your computer monitor at your home or office whenever you need a pick me up. From pursuing your goals to ridding yourself of the rats in your life, from showing people love to enjoying your sexuality, and from finding pleasure in the moment to forgiving easily, each page offers helpful advice that can make your life better.

The accompanying illustrations by Tone Gillerstedt are wonderful. Some are sweet and some are silly, but they all capture the essence of the book and the messages it shares.

Now, I'm off to take some of Stanley's advice:

"Sleep well and rest often. A good nature depends on good sleep."

Title: Lessons from Stanley the Cat
Author: Dr. Jennifer Freed
Publisher: Perigee Trade 
ISBN-10: 0399536159
ISBN-13: 978-0399536151
SRP:  $12.95

Also available in a Kindle edition.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. I received no monetary compensation of any kind.

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