Updated Book Review and VBT Policy

Updated review and virtual book tour policy
 as of October 31, 2013. 

The Book Connection  is closed to new book review and virtual book tour requests. While blogging will continue, I will no longer respond to any new requests, since this policy is clearly stated on my blog and I simply don't have the time. The Book Connection isn't going anywhere. I love blogging and plan to keep going as long as the books are engaging and my fingers are nimble. Like many others, I have been inundated with requests. I want to spend the next year working on my mountainous TBR pile and enjoy blogging without adhering to a set schedule.

Unrequested materials received by this blogger will be donated to a local library, but not reviewed.

Disclosures: This blogger participates in the Amazon Associates program. This blogger is employed on a contract basis by Pump Up Your Book. This blog will clearly identify any books this blogger has been paid to promote.

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