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Inside Scoop: Articles about Acting & Writing by Hollywood Insiders & Published Authors

Here's the latest from editor Marilyn Peake and Double-Dragon Publishing, Inc. This second helping of advice from Hollywood insiders and published authors is an invaluable resource for writers. Compiled and edited by Marilyn Peake, editor of "The Golden Goblet" Newsletter, Marilyn is also the author of a children's fantasy series and adult science fiction and fantasy short stories. She has also contributed to both Twisted Tails anthologies released by Double-Dragon Publishing.

Inside Scoop: Articles about Acting and Writing by Hollywood Insiders and Published Authors

Articles about writing and acting from Hollywood insiders and published authors, many originally published in “The Golden Goblet” Newsletter, voted TOP TEN Finisher in the 2007 Preditors and Editors Readers Poll. First chapter is a lesson on patience that John Klawitter learned while working at Hanna-Barbera Productions. Following are chapters about writing, book promotion, and breaking into the acting profession, as well as a humor column by J. Richard Jacobs. There are also several interviews: 1.) Sue Thurman interviewing Allison Dubois, the real-life medium behind the hit TV show, “Medium” starring Patricia Arquette, 2.) Sue Thurman interviewing ghost hunter Debe Branning, and 3.) Marilyn Peake interviewing Carole Whang Schutter who wrote a screenplay in collaboration with Director/Producer Christopher Cain for the movie “September Dawn” starring actors Jon Voight, Trent Ford, and Tamara Hope.

Here's your sneak peak into Inside Scoop:

Chapter 1 - Arthur Pierson and the Lesson of the Chinese Grandmothers
by John Klawitter

Chapter 2 - Where the Spanish are German, the English are Scottish and the Sheep Wear Cowbells
by Geoff Nelder

Chapter 3 - New Year’s Resolutions for Writers
by Sara Reinke

Chapter 4 - Finding the Moment
by Rachel DeFriez

Chapter 5 - You Have Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself
by Larriane Wills

Chapter 6 - Planning Your Attack To Break Out Of The Pack: Promises To Yourself and Bargains With Your Reps
by Michael J. Wallach

Chapter 7 - Basing Your Novel on a Game: What, are you stupid?
by Michael A. Ventrella

Chapter 8 - To Get Great Headshots, Just Use Your Head.
by Photographer Kenneth Dolin

Chapter 9 - Just Once...I’d Like to Be in a Movie or on TV: How to Be an Actor Who Memorizes No Lines and Needs No Acting Skills
by Jo Kelly

Chapter 10 - I Spy...a Fun Part-time Job for Seniors and Retirees - 10 Tips for Becoming an In-Demand Background Actor
by Jo Kelly

Chapter 11 - Allison Dubois Interview (May 2006)
by Sue Thurman

Chapter 12 - Ghost Busters
by Sue Thurman

Chapter 13 - Interview (by Marilyn Peake) with Carole Whang Schutter

Chapter 14 - Foraging the Forumiferii (or using Internet forums for writing research)
by Geoff Nelder

Chapter 15 - The Mob and Hotels: Elements of Research in the Writing of Escaping Reality
by Geoff Nelder

Chapter 16 - The Meaningful Mundane
by Rachel DeFriez

Chapter 17 - Writing Wrongs - Lesson One: Defamation Law
by Lincoln D. Bandlow

Chapter 18 - Putting on Your Editor’s Cap
by Sara Reinke

Chapter 19 - Editing Is Not a Dirty Word
by Larriane Wills

Chapter 20 - Barbarians at the Gate: The Future of Literature, Rumor versus Reality
by K.L. Nappier

Chapter 21 - Promo Ammo: What Is Video Book Trailer & What Can It Do For You?
by K.L. Nappier

Chapter 22 - The Beat of Gaia’s Heart
by Lee Barwood

Chapter 23 - News Release - Klassic Koalas: Ancient Aboriginal Tales in New Retellings by Lee Barwood

Chapter 24 - Failed Assassination
by J. Richard Jacobs

Chapter 25 - Tenacity in Art
by John Klawitter

"Cracked Universe" Column by J. Richard Jacobs:
1. For immediate release - 11 December 2003
2. Advise Fur Awl Wood-Bee Authors
3. From the "Did You Know?" Department
4. An Ode to Panspermia

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