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Guest Blogger: Alysa Braceau (Dreamshield), Author of The Sorcerer's Dream

Alysa Braceau is our guest blogger today. She is the author of The Sorcerer's Dream: An Initiation into the Sorcerer’s World

This is the autobiographical story of a young woman bumping into the enigmatic sorcerer Running Deer and her initiation into the sorcerer’s world and mastering conscious dreaming. It takes the reader throughout the magic realms of the unknown and gives a new approach to the traditional training of women sorcerers.

The riveting autobiographical account The Sorcerer’s Dream written by Dreamshield takes the reader throughout the magic realms of the unknown and mastering conscious dreaming. This book, following the traditions of Carlos Castaneda and others, gives a new approach to the traditional training of women sorcerers.

The author describes her initiation into the surrealistic world of dreaming and magic, following the teachings of ‘Man of Knowledge’ Running Deer. In the heart of Amsterdam, a thrilling stride unfolds in obtaining the knowledge of the Second Reality on the way to the ultimate goal: finding the Totality of the Self!

The combination of unusual instructions and experiences within the sorcerer’s world and the level-headedness of a very Dutch woman offers the reader excitement and contemplation on the way to the source of this reality, finding the ultimate self through the experiences and understanding of Dreamshield herself. Up until the last page the reader remains intrigued whether Dreamshield will reach her goal.

Right by the author’s side or facing her stands the character of Running Deer. Sometimes mysterious, then challenging, strict as a guru, or vulnerable as a visitor in a foreign country. However, the precise description of these distinctive steps on the road to her initiation stand like milestones in the landscape of this unique history.

"She Runs with Wolves" by Alysa Braceau (Dreamshield)

The Sorcerer’s Dream is my personal account about my initiation into the sorcerer’s world and mastering conscious dreaming. It is an exciting spiritual adventure that takes you throughout the magic realms of the unknown. The next excerpt describes a phase of my learning process in which my dreaming teacher Vidar unfolds more about travelling to the second reality after I took magic mushrooms (named: the entity) in a special ceremony which is presented to those who are following the teachings of Totality.

“I found it exciting to see how bluntly you took the entity.” Vidar throws a kitchen towel over his shoulder, walks towards me and places his hands on the back of his chair.

“Exciting? What do you mean exciting?” Am I mistaken or is he giving me hungry looks.

The other day when we were talking on the phone I had no reserves when I told him I wanted to continue the training, but now I begin to doubt. Vidar returns to the kitchen counter, takes the mugs of red hot chai tea, places one on the table in front of me and sits down.

“You might also call it courageous.”

“What do you need courage for?” I ask him annoyed, “Its part of the training isn’t it? Tell me, what do you mean?” I hardly find myself courageous, rather impulsive, but never without feeling right about something.

“The entity taught you during the first encounter the art of the warrior. And the warrior has the attitude of courage and deals with everything as though it’s the most ordinary thing, but you are of a higher level,” he says presumptuous, “to be exact you are one step higher, because you have the courage of a person of knowledge and you only reach that through spiritual bravery.” Vidar goes over it again: “You have passed the level of warriors and are still in the stage of early infancy as far as a woman of knowledge is concerned.”

The only courage I can think of is admitting to him earlier on the phone that I have feelings for him, more than I can bear. I had finally put my fear of rejection aside. I was whining on the phone, telling him that I found all these feelings extremely confusing, but that I was proud of myself that I finally dared to admit it. I can still hear myself say with a trembling, peeping voice:

“I have such strong feelings for you!” It was really terrible to have to do, but there was no way around it. After the last session I felt an overwhelming love, my love no longer felt scattered, but glued together like a firm whole, as though at that moment I knew how love truly feels. Yes, in the end I had faith he would react in a positive way, what would it matter anyway. In the worst case he would reassure me by saying that it was all part of the whole process and that things would blow over spontaneously. At best he would say he shared my feelings.

I felt greatly relieved to hear Vidar requite my feelings. I was in heaven. “Of course,” he said “we are united on a spiritual level and are part of the same spiritual family.” But for the time being I had to put my feelings aside, because he was going to visit family at the Southeast Coast of the States for a month. Of course, this trial left every room for doubt. Impatiently I kick the table-leg with my foot.

Vidar sits down and watches me radiantly. A warm wave runs through my heart and I abandon my built up reserves. “Are you familiar with the expression ‘she runs with wolves?” he asks.

“It sounds familiar.”

“It’s important to show your true feelings, like a wolf breaking free from the pack, running across the tundra. The wolves play together, our feelings do the same. ‘She runs with wolves’ is one of the biggest compliments one can get, we need it to get to the second reality. We travel to the second reality through the lines of intent stretching out in front of us. Or it’s actually different,” he corrects himself, “you will see that the second reality comes to you instead of you going there.”

Dreamshield (Alysa Braceau) studied social work and is a freelance journalist who writes for newspapers and magazines. She has a Healing Practice and gives workshops about the Art of Mastering Conscious Dreaming and Dream Healing.

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