Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Author Spotlight: Heartbroken Promises 2 by Sherry Shumard

In Heartbroken Promises 2, Vicky Wainright decides to visit Jake’s Island so she can be close to her sister Miranda. She is offered a nanny job by the handsome Jordan, an eligible bachelor who is raising his son by himself. Her heart is soon torn, however, between Jordan and her sister's waiter, Noah. When Vicky is kidnapped while babysitting Jordan's son, Derrick, Miranda is sure Noah is one of the kidnappers. Will that change how Vicky feels about Noah? Will Derrick and Vicky be rescued in time?

Sherry Shumard is the published author of Heartbroken Promises and Heartbroken Promises 2. She plans on writing more books based upon the many ideas she has floating around in her head. Sherry is married and has three children and two pets.

You can find out more about the author and her work by visiting her website.

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abi said...

I have a surprise for you here

sherry said...

Thanks for letting me share in information about my book Heartbroken Promises 2.

Sherry Shumard