Thursday, June 10, 2010

Interview with Author Laura Lyseight and Giveaway at Linda Weaver Clarke's Blog

Do you have a teen? Does a friend of yours have a teen? Is your grandchild, neice, nephew or cousin a teen? Then you better hurry on over to Linda Weaver Clarke's blog by Saturday, June 12th.

Linda interviewed author Laura Lyseight at her blog this week. Readers will have a chance to win a copy of one of Laura's excellent books for teens.

"Brimming with wisdom and sensible expressions, this compilation of wise, life-transforming quotes from various scholars and gifted personalities is designed to motivate, challenge, and help the teens in charting their successful path in life. These quotes will allow them to experience renewed energy, feel an explosive excitement, and be mystified by their passion to do more.

This collection of quotes has been carefully sourced to inspire teens worldwide to give their best in everything they do to make their life more meaningful and fulfilling. Every teen, especially those who desire to be successful must have a copy."
- from the author's website.

"In an apparently changing economic climate, succeeding in the world of business is everybody’s goal.

Hence, there is a need for the teens to prepare and equip themselves with vital knowledge before handling their own businesses in the near future.

But, what do these teens need to learn about entrepreneurship while they are still young to have a better advantage and a greater chance of succeeding in this field?"
- from the author's website.

"This edifying read introduces readers, especially the teens, to the ten comprehensible and proven methods to succeed in any examination with excellence.

The core of Don’t Learn for Exams! reveals the secrets of the highly successful teens which are shared to motivate, guide, and help the average teens in staying focused and inspired throughout their studies. Ten chapters tackling on the knowledge and ten secret codes of the successful teens will surely bring about a turning point in their academic endeavor and will raise their enthusiasm to excel in every aspect of their life.

The eye-opening and informative ideas found in this enlightening book will enhance their learning abilities and capabilities."
- from the author's website.

Read Linda's interview with Laura Lyseight. Then leave a comment for your chance to win one of Laura's book. This is an international giveaway, but you have to enter by June 12th to be eligible.

Laura Lyseight has been a source of inspiration and great influence in the lives of many youngsters both students and children alike. Her burning ambition to see teens find and reach their full potential has driven her to prolifically write books to challenge, empower and enrich their lives beyond their own expectations.

She recalls times in her life as a teen where she wanted to be the best, but lacked the exposure, especially exposure to the world of business. Now a serial entrepreneur, a private tutor and coach, and a best-selling author, Laura is mentoring teens to leadership and helping them create their own success stories.

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