Monday, February 23, 2009

February Featured Novel - Studs for Hire: Woman In Charge

Yesterday we featured the first book in the Studs for Hire series by Sherry James, Woman On Top. Today we're going to featured the next book in this fun and steamy series, Woman In Charge.

Book Two centers around Casey, one of the female partners running Studs for Hire. She's never had any luck with guys and when she first meets Alex Roy--the stud she's hired to redesign a wealthy widow's mansion--she's already having a very bad day. Alex isn't too keen on women lately either, so they make a great match.

In addition to the top notch characters and loads of conflict, James managed to work in her love of Elvis into the storyline by having the wealthy widow requesting her mansion be redesigned as a shrine to the King.

There are just as many funny moments in this book as there are sexy moments--which is something that I love about James's books. You can check out my review of Woman In Charge here.

Feel free to stop by Sherry's website. She's got some new stuff coming out. And don't forget to pick up copies of the Studs for Hire books. You'll want to read them again as soon as you're done.

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