Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Book Spotlight: Third Rail by Rory Flynn

At crime scenes, Eddy Harkness, the “Harvard Cop,” is a human Ouija board, a brilliant young detective with a knack for finding the hidden something—cash, drugs, guns, bodies. Harkness’s swift rise in an elite narcotics unit is derailed by the death of a young Red Sox fan in the chaos after a World Series win, a death some witnesses believe he could have prevented. Scapegoated, Harkness is exiled to his hometown, Nagog, just west of Boston, where he empties parking meters and struggles to redeem his disgraced family name.

But one night Harkness’s police-issued Glock disappears. Harkness starts a search— just as a string of fatal accidents in Nagog leads him to uncover a dangerous new smart drug, Third Rail. With only a plastic gun to protect himself, Harkness begins a high-stakes investigation that sends him into the darkest corners of the city.

One of the most electrifying thrillers you’ll read this year, Third Rail takes you deep into a gritty world of wronged heroes, corrupt politicians, and sinister kingpins, where your friends can’t be trusted, a sleepy town breeds deadly crimes, and nothing ever happens by accident.

“THIRD RAIL gets off to a ripping start and never lets off the gas. Rory Flynn is a suspense writer to watch.”
– Jess Walter, author of the bestselling BEAUTIFUL RUINS

“THIRD RAIL is an adrenaline-soaked tale of political corruption and personal redemption that never lets up. Eddy Harkness, the self-destructive Massachusetts narcotics detective at the novel’s center, is a worthy successor to Robert B. Parker’s Jesse Stone.”
– Sean Chercover, author of the bestselling THE TRINITY GAME

Available at bookstores everywhere on June 10, 2014, including:

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Rory Flynn is the pen name of acclaimed novelist Stona Fitch, author of five previous novels, including Senseless, now an independent feature film and a graphic novel.

In 2008, Stona founded the Concord Free Press, a independent publishing house that publishes and distributes original novels, asking only that readers make a voluntary donation to a charity or person in need, then pass their book on. The CFP has inspired generosity throughout the world—and created a new approach to publishing that has earned praise from publishing visionaries and readers.
Stona lives with his family in Concord, Massachusetts.

Visit Rory Flynn’s Website: http://www.mrroryflynn.com/

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