Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Top Ten Books I Wish Had Sequels

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  1. The Dead Guy by Doug Hewitt is the story of Jack Thigpen, who is targeted for death while investigating a car insurance scam. Of course, he's dying from an untreatable, debilitating illness, so he doesn't have a lot to lose. I would like to have seen what came afterwards for the good guys involved.
  2. Mistress of the Revolution by Catherine Delors: loved this novel from beginning to end. According to the author's website, she is working on a prequel, but I would also like to see what comes after the events that took place in this book.
  3. Reconstructing Jackson by Holly Bush: all of her books look wonderful, but the only one I've had a chance to read is this one. I really want to know what the future holds for Reed and Belle.
  4. The Eleventh Plague by Jeff Hirsch: I don't even like dystopian fiction most of the time, but I want to see what happens to everyone at Settler's Landing.
  5. Killer Career by Morgan Mandel: though very much a completed story at the end, I liked Julie McGuire and would love to see what she's up to.
  6. The Lost Hours by Karen White introduced me to Piper Mills.This novel is so moving and connects past and present so well. I would like to see everyone again.
  7. A Love So Strong by Arlene James is a Love Inspired romance about a single pastor who helps Nicole Archer and her brother with their abusive, alcoholic father. This is such a sweet romance, I really want to see Marcus and Nicole's life after they get together.
  8. Circle of Secrets by Kimberley Griffiths Little: yes, it's a kid's book, but I loved it. Though this is a complete stand-alone story, I wasn't ready to let go of these characters yet. 
  9. It's Not About Me by Michelle Sutton is a YA novel. This is part of a series, but each book in the series features different characters. I would like to see what happens in Annie's life after the book ends.
  10. Untimed by Andy Gavin is a YA time travel novel. I found it spooky and there was a bit of sexual content in there, but this author knew how to keep the action going. I would like to see more adventures for Charlie, a boy whose life is so awful not even his mother can remember his name.


Michelle Sutton said...

Actually there is a bit about Annie in both It's Not About Him and It's Not About Her, though none are her continued story...she does show up and you see how she's doing. Or do you just wish there was an entire book that followed?

Cheryl said...

I didn't know that, Michelle, but I really wish there was a book that focused on her. She is a great character.

Michelle Sutton said...

I liked her. It was my first published book. I may write another story about just her someday when the other idea are all spent. :)