Saturday, July 7, 2012

Book Review: Executive Treason by Gary Grossman

Executive Treason by Gary Grossman is the thrilling, suspense-filled sequel to Executive Actions.

Scott Roarke is back in action in when a White House staffer is mugged and murdered while jogging. What soon comes to light, however, is that the deadly assassin who slipped through Roarke's hands during the presidential campaign is at work again. A deadly plot to destabilize the United States government, led by the terrorist organization Roarke has been trying to take down, brings him to a killer bent on revenge.

Grossman has once again created an action-packed thriller featuring an elaborate plot to bring America to its knees. In this sequel to Executive Actions, readers meet many of the characters from the first book, in addition to several newbies. The author develops his recurring characters nicely. The lives of Scott Roarke, his girlfriend, Katie Kessler, New York Times reporter Michael O'Connell, and the current administration intersect in a way that keeps the reader riveted. Despite the numerous typographical errors and lengthy, unnecessary detail, she wants to keep turning the pages to see if Roarke gets his assassin and saves the day.

Though the events in this one are a bit far-fetched, they are believable enough that the reader isn't disappointed. With a kicker surprise ending that will leave the reader eager for the next book in the series, fans of this genre will enjoy Executive Treason by Gary Grossman.

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