Monday, December 26, 2011

Under my Christmas Tree

Is it lame for me to be posting about my gifts the day after Christmas? I'm pretty much the biggest kid in the house when it comes to Christmas, so I get wrapped up--pardon the pun--in all the gift giving and receiving.

I was expecting a new vacuum cleaner, but I got a Kindle Fire! This was a total shock. Just another reason I love my hubby is because he always surprises me at Christmas with something special. It's not always expensive, but it's always something that he knows I'll love.

The Kindle Fire has a lot of nice features: color, ease of use (even for this technology dummy), and a smaller size then my first Kindle. The new screen allowed me to read on the way home from our brother-in-law's house last night in the dark. Love that! Right now I am checking the news from my Kindle, and I was able to post to Facebook and Twitter a story that captured my attention.

The new larger keyboard is a definite plus, as is the touch screen. I'm eager to read a children's picture book on it, so I can see the illustrations in color.

I was a bit nervous when I registered my new Kindle, as to how to get all the Kindle books linked from my old Kindle to the new one, but it synched them automatically when I registered. Now, I just need to figure out how to get the other versions of electronic books onto it that are on my old Kindle. I might be using two devices for a while, as I have several books on the old one that I need to review that aren't Kindle versions. My girls are hoping that doesn't take too long, as they are eager to begin using my old Kindle. The Lil Princess (8) already has a Junie B. Jones book on it that she's reading, and the Lil Diva (10) is in the middle of The Halloween Dino Trip by Lea Schizas.

I also received a new, desperately needed laptop bag. Hubby found a beautiful one from Land's End that he had monogrammed for me. The girls, knowing how much I love candles bought me this scrumptious smelling Dark Chocolate scented candle and some musk-type smelling cologne. I also received a heated massaging seat for my office chair, and an electric griddle.

As always, the Lord blessed us with wonderful moments shared with families and friends. We look forward to the new year and hope it brings all of us much health and happiness.

What did you receive this year? What was your most special gift?


Anonymous said...

Cheryl, sounds like you and your family had a wonderful Christmas. My hubby and I were talking about the Kindle Fire earlier today, as we were talking about different ereaders.

Rebecca Camarena said...

I got the cover for my kindle fire which I received a few months ago for my birthday. I'm loving it.