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Guest Blogger: Scott Davis, Author of If My Body Is A Temple, Then I Was A Megachurch

IF THERE’S ONE THING that’s guaranteed, it’s that you will bust a gut reading comedian Scott Davis’ hilarious yet poignant story about how he lost 132 pounds without any exercise. Spiced with his trademark comedy and self-deprecating humor, Scott serves up a dose of reality about the correlation between the state of our hearts and the location of our waistline. Scott explores the spiritual depths and practical steps to losing significant weight and shows how you can adopt a healthy lifestyle too.

Whether you need to lose 150 pounds or five pounds, Scott’s hilarious memoir will not only make you laugh but it will also equip you for your own journey to a happier and healthier you.

Ring Around The Store by Scott Davis

I never understood as a hefty five-foot, nine-inch 309-pound man why it was that I would eat deli turkey slices and still not lose any weight! Why was it that when I downed cans of tomato soup, I would still bloat up!? Why would drinking “healthy” jars of V-8 still cause my scales to groan under the weight of my girth as I planted my portly body on them?? WHY? WHY! OH THE HUMANITY!!

This was frustrating! I mean, I was eating “right.” I was eating stuff that was low in calories, yet I was still gaining, or at the least not losing any.

On my weight loss journey that I talk about in my book, If My Body Is A Temple, Then I Was A Megachurch, I learned some key, really cool things that I think may help you. Not only if you are warring with the battle of the bulge, but even if you one of those people who don’t struggle with their weight. Oh, by the way, if you are the latter, I would like to slap you!

Anyway, even if you are thin, these tips will help you literally feel a lot better. They really will!
First, go easy on the salt. Those items I mentioned earlier were loaded with salt which will slow your weight loss tremendously. Yes, we need salt to live, but God naturally supplied most of what we need in our everyday natural foods that He provides.

Are you one of those people who grabs the salt shaker and starts tipping it over and pounding the bottom to cover your food before you even taste it? Well, STOP IT! I used to use salt on everything! However, during my weight loss journey, I only used one to two teaspoons of Morton’s light salt per day. That’s it. No more.

I found that food has a taste. Yep, I learned the flavor of the various vegetables I was eating. I didn’t have to mask it with salt. Recently when I went to my local steak restaurant and ordered my asparagus the “old” way. It came floating in butter and little diamonds of salt on top. That first bite was a revelation to me! I could not taste the flavor of the vegetable. I might as well have taken some flat bread and wrapped it around a stick of butter and jammed a toothpick though the center, held it up and bit in. I would have gotten about the same taste sensation.

My second tip is when you go grocery shopping, avoid the center of the store. Shop around the outer walls, or what I call the ring around the store. That’s where you find all the fresh veggies, meats, dairies, eggs, and so on. Stay away from the packaged, canned goods.

Oh, and don’t get the deli turkey slices anymore either! They are not as healthy as the fresh meats. I started looking at those packages and noticed the huge amounts of sodium (salt) in those tightly sealed plastic bags. It’s like licking a salt block!

And the last tip is if you are out to eat and you can’t have total control over the amount of salt being used, get a cheap bottle of apple cider vinegar. If you take a swig of that at night, it will help flush the excess salt out of your system. I know it sounds weird, but it works.

I hope these few little tips will help you stay motivated. Keep the faith, don’t give up, and put down the donut!

Scott is a comedian, singer and entertainer. He received Christ at the age of sixteen on July 10, 1979. He graduated from Liberty University where he attended on a full scholarship for traveling with the Light Singers. While working toward his degree in cross-cultural studies, Scott traveled across the U.S. and to ten foreign countries.

Scott’s ministry has continued in the U.S. and abroad since his graduation in 1984. He has appeared on Mark Lowry’s videos and has written comedy for Mark while under contract with Word Records. For a year, Scott appeared weekly on the national television show, “The Mark & Kathy Show,” with Mark Lowry and Kathy Troccoli. Along with his weekly appearances, he has been a guest on numerous religious and secular radio and television broadcasts, including an appearance with comedian Dennis Swanberg on Swan’s Place.

Today, Scott conducts GET REAL national conferences with the nation’s top speakers and musicians. He also presents music and comedy concert events.

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