Thursday, October 21, 2010

Author Interview: Dr. Tiffany Brown, Author of The Reflections of Light for Daily Living (Giveaway)

Dr. Tiffany Brown is a native Atlantan, a diva, mogul, and idealist with scars to prove it. She has a Bachelor’s degree from Spelman College in political science, a Master’s in public administration from Clark Atlanta University and a Doctorate in public policy from Walden University. She is an owner of the following companies:
• Your Luminosity, a nonprofit social networking site
• Brown Vending, snack vending service
• Ambition Talk Radio Network, a 24-hour Internet talk radio station
• Tiffany Brown LTD, a women’s clothing and accessory line
• Tiffany Brown LLC, a consulting firm

She was also a 2009 write-in Atlanta Mayoral Candidate. Tiffany admits to being an absolute sports fanatic and although trying her best, a below average golfer. A self-described “avid health enthusiast,” Dr. Brown encourages everyone to live and think healthy. Tiffany is also an active member of Cascade United Methodist Church where Rev. Marvin Moss is the Senior Pastor and she is an usher on the women’s usher board.

For more information on Tiffany or her book, The Reflections of Light for Daily Living, please go to her website or twitter page at

1) If people could take away one thing from your book, what would you want it to be?

Never give up on your goals in life but allow God to revise or tweak them into being aligned with his Will. Every failure is not a nightmare and every opportunity is not a blessing. Some failures can be blessings; some opportunities can be nightmares.

Allow God completely into your heart and watch your life begin to expand in the most amazing ways. I trust God in completely different way than before because I now have a testimony that I never had before. There is nothing like spectacular fall to truly give you a new relationship with God.

2) I love how you have included your life stories onto the pages and you are so relatable; what has been one of your biggest challenges in life and how did you overcome it?

My biggest challenge was bouncing back from my failed mayoral bid that was a disappointment on a professional and emotional level. It was completely humiliating because I was marginalized and misunderstood throughout the campaign. I felt like people didn’t get me; they just stereotyped me.
There were many people that I had supported in the past that didn’t return the favor added to the humiliation. I was very disappointed in people that I had respected and loved in every facet of my life. It definitely changed the way I see the world.

I was able to overcome it all through forgiveness. God forgives us for all our transgressions and I was forced to do the same. All the inspirational stories I wrote are from perspective of a reader; I wrote what I needed to hear at those desperate, heart wrenching times in my life. I wrote to encourage myself and now decided to share it with others.

3) What have you learned about yourself throughout the process of writing your book?

I learned not to take things so personally. Most decisions are based on individual personal ambition. Ambition is never right or wrong; it is the inner drive to have something more in your life. But sometimes your ambition can clash with others. You must not take it personally.

I also learned that having just me is enough because of God’s love. I now feel comfortable in my own skin; imperfections in all. I may not be perfect but I am attempting to be a best that I can. And that is enough as long as I try to stay aligned with God.


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