Thursday, April 22, 2010

Author Spotlight: Transform Your Loss by Ligia Houben

After many years of study and teaching in the areas of psychology, loss and healing, thanatology, gerontology and religion-spirituality Ligia Houben has created THIS TRANSFORMATIVE SYSTEM that is the resource many people have implemented in their lives and have been able to FINALLY transform their loss or transition and change their lives.

In this book she will share with you what grief is, its dimensions, and how to identify the different manifestations. You will be able to process your grief through interactive exercises, meditations and affirmations.

Transform Your Loss: Your Guide to Strength and Hope by Ligia Houben may change your life completely. We all go through losses... and we can transform them. We all have the resources inside of us... allow her to guide you to transform your loss and transform your life.

Read the Reviews!

"In a well-organized and engagingly written book, Ligia Houben offers a map to guide people through the grieving process. The personal anecdotes make it much more “real” than books that describe situations of loss in merely abstract terms, and the interactive exercises throughout encourage the reader to explore personal reactions to loss. The author conveys genuine empathy as she talks to readers about what they are feeling, and I found myself trusting her completely as a caring guide who wants to provide grieving people a positive approach to help them move ahead toward finding the strength and hope truly to transform their lives". -Stephen Sapp, AB, MDiv, PhD, Professor and Chair of the Department of Religious Studies at the University of Miami

"In this wonderful piece Ligia M. Houben writes to all of us in a very personal and direct manner from her own heart and experience. Although the book describes many personal stories of loss and transformation, it also serves as a tool box of valuable resources to help us deal with grief and loss. The author elaborates the multiple dimensions of loss, and the process to deal with grief." --Rev. Dale Young

Ligia Houben is a motivational speaker and educator in the area of life transitions, and known for her caring and enthusiastic personality. Ligia has a passion for life and believes all of us are able to fulfill our purpose if we can only change our attitude and beliefs. Her work has been centered in the area of grief and loss, expanding into meaning and growth. Ligia has delivered her message from corporations to hospitals. She works with the bereaved, the person who needs to face a new stage in life, children of aging parents, or people searching for more meaning in their lives. She consults with individuals and corporations on life transitions and spirituality with the purpose of providing tools to transform losses and challenges.

Ligia obtained her B.A. from the University of Miami in Psychology and Religious Studies and a Masters Degree in Religious Studies and Gerontology from Florida International University. She also has a graduate certificate in Loss and Healing from St. Thomas University, a certificate in Thanatology and is a Fellow of the American Academy of Grief Counseling. Besides being a speaker, she is an author, coach, counselor and consultant. She is an adjunct professor of Kaplan University, Florida International University and Miami Dade College where she teaches courses on
Ethics, Religion and Death and Dying.

Ligia is the author of the self-help book in Spanish Transforma tu perdida. Una antologia de fortaleza y esperanza. The English version, Transform your Loss. An Anthology of Strength and Hope, will be available soon. This book contains "The Eleven Principles of Transformation™" which is a system that involves the emotional, spiritual, and cognitive aspects of the person as they face a transition or loss. Ligia created this system of transformation to help people transform their losses and change their lives.

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Ligia M. Houben said...

Thank you so much for spotlighting my book! My purpose is to help people understand that....even in the midst of pain and loss....we have the resources to keep finding meaning in life and renovate ourselves in the healing process.