Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Win a Copy of Melinda and the Wild West by Linda Weaver Clarke at Allison's Attic

Still haven't won a copy of Melinda and the Wild West by Linda Weaver Clarke? Your latest chance is happening right now at Allison's Attic.

Allison is running a Valentine's Day giveaway for this first book in Linda Weaver Clarke's A Family Saga in Bear Lake Valley, Idaho series.

Melinda and the Wild West is a historical fiction love story filled with intrigue, adventure, and romance. This story blends fascinating characters with Bear Lake history, and is based on several true experiences.

The time period is 1896. Melinda is from Boston and has come to Idaho's Bear Lake Valley. The idea of going to the Wild West appeals to her. She wants to do some good in someone's life and maybe she could do it in the West by teaching school. Intertwining fact and fiction, Melinda is confronted by many obstacles such as a bank robbery by the notorious outlaw Butch Cassidy, a rebellious student, an irritable grizzly bear, a blinding blizzard, Stinging Nettle, and the most stubborn rancher she has ever met.

This book is not only full of adventure, but has the tenderness of romance. A rugged rancher and a determined schoolteacher from the east tend to butt heads and clash with each encounter, but at the same time there seems to be an underlying interest in one another. Why Gilbert is guarding his heart is a mystery to Melinda. In this story, Melinda is desperately trying to help a rebellious student through acceptance and love, and at the same time, she is trying to understand her own heart.

Melinda and the Wild West was a semi-finalist for the Reader Views "Reviewers Choice Award 2007." This novel is the first of five in A Family Saga in Bear Lake, Idaho series.

This giveaway ends at 10 PM CT on February 14th, so make sure you stop by Allison's Attic now to enter to win your copy of Melinda and the Wild West.

Can't wait to see if you've won? You can pick up a copy of Melinda and the Wild West: A Family Saga in Bear Lake, Idaho at Amazon.com.

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