Sunday, February 7, 2010

Why Can't All Weeks Be Like This?

You ever have one of those weeks where you get so much accomplished and feel so inspired that you wonder why all weeks can't be like this?

Last week was that week for me. I edited, based upon feedback from my critique group, the first three chapters of the middle grade novel I'm working on. I also self-edited the next two chapters and then sent all five off to a few readers.

I had a big breakthrough on this WIP too, so I've got some travel plans in the spring for research.

The WriteAngles Planning Committee met this week. We managed to narrow down the field of potential keynote speakers, select the eight workshops we want to present, and assign coordinators to most of the panels.

I'm also considering going to Las Vegas in June to attend and present at a writers conference. Money, school schedules, and tackling my fear of flying alone will help me make my final decision.

Virtual book tour planning for March is going well, and I am already working on April and May tours. I'll need to get ahead so that when my first children's book, Little Shepherd, comes out this fall, I'll have time to market it and still provide the best service for my clients.

I hope the productive, inspiring weeks continue. Usually my winter months are filled with procrastination and no desire to accomplish much. I'm easily affected by the darker days, so this is a pleasant and exciting change.

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