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Truth Never Changes: Earth Changes by Michael Kilday -- Book Review

Before I provide my review, let me tell you that this is one of only two times I had to abandon a book because I couldn't take it anymore. I pride myself on being objective and being able to keep my personal feelings, for the most part, outside of the review process; but I was not able to do that with Truth Never Changes: Earth Changes by Michael L. Kilday.

I purchased this book at the Big E. I hadn't heard much about the 12/21/2012 prophecy, so I was interested in reading Kilday's book. For some reason though, the 2012 prophecy isn't really even mentioned until over 100 pages into the book, and by that time I didn't have the desire to learn anything about it because the 100 or so pages before it, the author had been pontificating about the evils of capitalism, fascist Christianity and Islam, and the destruction of our planet.

Truth Never Changes: Earth Changes opens with the author's visit to a deep-trance medium to get a psychic reading. He received messages that were recorded so that he could study them later and decipher their meaning. The book also discusses how Kilday met up with the same medium many years later, who provided another message to him.

While stating what an open-minded individual he is, the author doesn't have many nice words for the Catholic Church, evangelicals, or rich people who don't share their wealth with the rest of the world. He claims that the hippies of the 60's exemplify the Christ principle because they are honest and forthright (page 92), while other believers are often one-day a week Christ followers. Though I can't deny that this is the case with some followers--even ones that I've met--to stereotype groups of people this way when you have limited knowledge and no cited facts in your book to back you up, doesn't indicate an open-minded individual to the reader.

In addition, the author makes several assumptions based upon his knowledge of groups of people and the human race in general, where again, there are no cited facts in his book to back up his words.

* "When the ways and means of the cosmic import are not clearly understood by human beings, the pious tend to fall back on the old adage, 'God works in mysterious ways', as a way of providing an serves as an excuse when what is happening cannot easily be explained or understood." (Page 94)

* "I positively detested many of the aspects of materialism-in-excess I have witnessed, and the social and economic inequities which resulted from it...Our civilization has wreaked havoc upon the Earth, and no one is really addressing that concern in a meaningful way...Furthermore the powers that be...are protecting their ideological investments and economic self-interests, first and foremost." (Page 97)

* In reference to the Left Behind series and other End-of-Days fiction: "...I can only suspect the aim is to sow a purient vision to reap a profit. Selling the evangelical agenda though is what it is all about." (Page 103)

All in all, this book really isn't much more than the author's personal journey of discovery and a progressive thinker's manifesto, which is fine if you're marketing it as such. I felt the back cover blurb was misleading, and I am kicking myself for plunking down the money to satisfy my curiosity.

New Agers might find something good in this book, and the reviews at Amazon have all been superb, so I encourage you to find out more and decide for yourself if this book is something you would be interested in.

Title: Truth Never Changes: Earth Changes
Author: Michael Kilday
Publisher: Green Dove Press
ISBN: 978-0981947808
SRP: $19.95

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