Friday, December 11, 2009

Eight Seconds by Sherry James Featured in the Ellora's Cave Flavors of Ecstasy Volume 3 Anthology--Short Story Review

I've been away for a few days, busy working on virtual book tours and planning for Christmas. My shopping is officially done and the big tree in the living room is decorated. Now I just have to start wrapping and get my cards out. I love this time of year.

Today's review should make it worth the wait. Author Sherry James, whose Stud for Hire books we've reviewed here and here, turns her attention back to her roots and comes up with another sexy and funny story, this time about a professional bull rider and a writer of erotic romance.

Taylor Westfall has hit a dry spell in her writing. Left to spend a lonely season alone at the family ranch, she is in desperate need of some sexual inspiration to help her writing along. When she hears handsome Devlin McCord is coming back to town, she hopes to hire him as her "research assistant".

What Taylor doesn't know is that Devlin has had a thing for her since high school. Now tired of one-night stands and life on the road, he's ready to pursue the one he wants; so Taylor's request for sex is one he is more than eager to oblige.

While based upon my meager description, the reader might easily dismiss this short story as not having a lot of depth--that would be a huge mistake. As with all of James's work, "Eight Seconds" is not only sexy and fun, it is filled with characters dealing with conflicting emotions; real characters who struggle against what they want versus what they perceive as the truth.

I don't want to give too much away, but when Devlin first shows up at the ranch, he is eager to find out why Taylor has been asking when he is coming back. An incident from their past has left both of them with unresolved issues, so this obstacle helps to create the necessary conflict to move this story along. And as with all stories in this genre, the sex is as hot as the branding iron that tattoos a bull's backside.

I've missed Sherry James's writing, so I was glad to be asked to review "Eight Seconds". While I have yet to read the entire anthology, you can find information about the rest of the stories at the Ellora's Cave website.

You can also stay in touch with Sherry James through her website and blog. I hope we see more from her soon.


Julie Miller said...

Great review with spot on comments. I don't read a lot of Ellora's Cave, but Sherry James is a favorite author whose books I look for.

I like that she can get steaming hot with deep, complex characters. She packs a lot into this novella, I think.

Cheryl said...

I agree Julie. Thanks for stopping by.