Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Precious Jewel by Mary Balogh -- Book Review

Events from his past have turned Sir Gerald Stapleton against love and women. They are not to be trusted and should only be used for pleasure. While visiting Miss. Blythe's politely dubbed "finishing school", Sir Gerald suddenly finds himself captivated by a young courtesan known to him as Priss. How could such a refined young lady end up at Miss Blythe's and why has her beauty and grace touched him so?

A victim of unfortunate circumstances, Priscilla Wentworth's path to Sir Gerald's bed became more than she expected. Trained never to see a man as anything other than business, she struggles with her growing feelings for him.

Despite everything these two people have been through, they are drawn to each other. Can they trust their hearts and find love?

A reader favorite in 1993 when it was published by Signet Regency Romance, this unaltered republication from Dell will capture your heart within moments.

We first meet Sir Gerald when he has returned to visit his regular courtesan at Miss Blythe's finishing school. When he finds her indisposed, Miss Blythe suggests he may wish to try one of her new girls, Priss. This encounter between Priss and Sir Gerald pulls the reader into a romantic, moving story of two characters who battle against their wills and attempt to deny what it happening between them.

The fact that this is not your typical Regency romance is one of the book's greatest assets. Both Sir Gerald and Priss are sympathetic characters who readers will be begging to see together in a more meaningful way.

Balogh proves why she is a New York Times bestselling author through her masterful storytelling, her ability to create multi-faceted characters, and her rich descriptions. I now wish to own every book Balogh has ever written, as A Precious Jewel did not release me from its grasp until the last word, and then I was ready to read it all over again. I know I will make a point to purchase The Ideal Wife, in which Sir Gerald has a minor role.

If you love romance novels, you'll certainly want to pick up a copy of A Precious Jewel by Mary Balogh. It would also make the perfect holiday gift for any romance reader you know.

Title: A Precious Jewel
Author: Mary Balogh
Publisher: Dell
ISBN: 978-0-440-24463-9
SRP: $7.99 (US)

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