Monday, October 5, 2009

Great Books Week and the NAIWE Blog Tour

In honor of Great Books Week, a holiday that is celebrated annually the first full week in October, the National Association of Independent Writers and Editors (NAIWE) is hosting a Blog Tour with a specific daily topic Monday through Friday. The Association is a major sponsor of this event.

If you’d like to participate, write a post on your own blog on the appropriate topic each day, then visit the appropriate post on the NAIWE blog to leave your post title and link in the comment section so that others can enjoy what you’ve written. Be sure to share your posts in Facebook, Twitter, and other social media! More details can be found on the Great Books Week website.

In support, I encourage you to craft your responses to the topics below every day. Then take a moment share them at Great Books Week site.

Here’s the schedule of topics:

Monday: If I were stranded alone on a deserted island with only seven books to read over the next few years, I would like to have…

Tuesday: When I was a child, my favorite book was… because…

Wednesday: I’d write my autobiography, but I don’t need to, because
my story has already been told in… [what classic book?]

Thursday: I hated … when I had to read it in high school, but when I read it on my own later, I loved it because…

Friday: When I want to give someone a special gift, I give them [name of book] because…

NAIWE also invites you to make a small donation to a highly rated charity, First Book in honor of Great Books Week. It provides needy children with books to keep and cherish. You can give a donation at the GBW web page.

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