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Breaking the Mold for a Generation by Carol Sue Gersham

Today's guest blogger is Carol Sue Gersham, author of the memoir, The Jewish Lady, The Black Man and the Road Trip.

A late 60 year old, interracial, innovative, passionate couple travel from Miami to Montreal in a hot yellow mustang convertible visiting family and friends that takes the reader far past the turns of the road.

Cleverly written in flashbooks, this memoir is about life: Marriage, children, grandchildren, race, sex, guilt, loneliness, birthday parties, facelifts, travel, and obsession.

When her lover walked out, it was obsession that drove her to write. Carol Sue Gershman took all of her negative energy and pain and turned it into a book. She hoped that she would shock him with their story; they would read it together, realize their mistakes and go right back together again. She describes her obsession at this age not to be any different from when she was 14 years old.

This book is long overdue; Having grown up in the 50’s she holds back nothing about what it took for her to cross the racial boundary. She details older people having passionate sex telling the younger generations, YES WE DO.

In this page turning and sometimes humorous memoir, she lives agelessly and passionately. Women and a few good men will learn that THEY CAN TOO, if they do not pay any attention to how old they are!

Explore your own passion and purpose as you read this sizzling memoir.

"Breaking the Mold for a Generation" by Carol Sue Gersham

It has been said that I break the mold for my generation. I am adventurous, gutsy, unstoppable and pay no attention to how old I am, especially now at 73. My last lover told me that I live on the edge of the universe, where there is no safety net. Actually, I have no idea what that actually means. I simply live life.

Would I bunji jump or sky dive? No not that kind of gutsy. It is my spirit that is adventurous always re-inventing my self. I may be getting older, but I am not old.

Unlike most women who depend on others, I pride myself on being completely independent, maybe too much so. "Me and Carol Sue get along very well.." The worst thing I can do is bore someone and especially my self. This summer, I decided to go on a book signing tour reliving all of the cities and states I wrote about in my memoir. It kept me on the road for 21 days putting 4500 miles on my hot yellow mustang convertible. Friends told me, Be careful! Alone? How could you? Why would you? They can be naughty out there! Life is not what it used to be! No doubt I would not put myself in harms way, but if I listened to my friends and their fears, my life would be theirs, not mine. And what a blast I have had with lots more to come.

Do I look different than the average 73 year old woman? Probably so; even though my generation is proving to kick themselves up a notch. I eat healthy foods, (ice cream is healthy,isn't it?) exercise, and consider clothes to be fun. Eloquent prim dresses are not my style nor does jewelry interest me to any great extent with one exception. Big earrings. But go find clip ons. I never liked the thought of piercing my ears; suppose somebody decided to pull on one.. ouch....I love hats and have a cool collection and still shop in the junior departments; I simply dress for that second look and get it most of the time. A new tee shirt is what excites me! I never followed the label syndrom; in fact I am completely against showing off a designer label; I would rather show myself off.

I pride myself on being free in the world to do as I please; If that sounds selfish, it could be that I am. I have my responsibilities, I work, and I am blessed with 3 children and 5 grandchildren. However, I never phsically go to work. After my divorce, I made it a point never to HAVE to work so I went the entrepreneur route. I learned to live below my means by never threatening my security. I do not indulge myself in expensive items or expensive travel. I have travelled the world with my back pack; Hostels are fun and a great place to meet other people and have seen more than most people by traveling in my style; oh yes, I guess a luxury hotel would be nice but then who would want to leave my room? This way I am out early checking out the culture and just come back to sleep.

Next trip? I have not been to India or Buenos Aires and miss Paris. Life is always beginning for me!

Yes, I am unstoppable....

Constantly reinventing herself, Carol Sue Gershman attended the Miami Dade College memoir class and decided that she would turn her two and a half page “Adventure in Love Story” into a book. Never having written before, it was passion that drove her each day to write.

After spending 25 years in New York City, she was one of the first to arrive into the new phenomenon of Miami Beach (South Beach) She is presently writing her next book while working on laws to ban smoking in residential buildings.

Now at 73 she will take her completed book back on the road re-living the cities and states visited on the road trip. You might just see her driving her hot yellow mustang convertible packed with books, hats and what it takes for life on the road.

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Read the Reviews:

"This book is great for any age but especially women over 50. Besides the great story line that evolves throughout the telling of a road trip, it makes you think about all the things that you are missing out on." - Linda A., Amazon Reviewer

"It's an adventure, so honest, so true, so unbelievably great that you just can't put it down for a second." - Mark Lipman, Lip Man and the Lips

"Diversity and acceptance create a sublime backdrop for this story but no matter who you are you should grab your keys, fill up the gas tank and go on this road trip!" - Tracy Fox, Amazon Reviewer

"Detailed description of the characters coupled with the smooth flow of sequence of events result in a fast paced, and an enjoyable read. Happy to recommend." - Midwest Book Review

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