Friday, July 10, 2009

Valerie Kent and Juggling Finances

Today's guest blogger talks about a subject many of us fret over: finances. In this down economy, it sure seems that saving every dime is essential to survival. That's why even though Valerie Kent's book Gracious Living on Social Security is targeted at people who are retired, some of the advice found within this book's pages can be applied to anyone.

Valerie is going to share with us a few tips on juggling finances.

As it happens, my husband Rick is an expert at dealing with the financial side of things. An experienced businessman, even when we found ourselves living largely on Social Security he has come up with a number of techniques for getting the most out of every dollar. One answer has been to take an occasional part-time job. I’ve worked for years as an adjunct professor at Eckerd College teaching non-traditional students, mostly people without degrees who want to acquire special skills, in my case, writing. We are scrupulous about managing credit card debt, and find that paying off our balance every month enables us to collect on rebates and other programs. Read the fine print. Pay at the last possible moment to preserve your cash balance and use frequent flyer programs and similar arrangements to cut down on travel costs. Compare bank loan rates when shopping for a car or any other commitment. The differential is tremendous. At times like these, re-mortgage your house at lower interest. Every penny counts.

There is a chapter on juggling your finances in Gracious Living on Social Security. For a fuller background treatment of Valerie Kent’s life and this book, have a look at the Tree Farm Books website:

You can purchase a copy of Gracious Living on Social Security at your local bookstore or at

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