Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dorothea Hover-Kramer Talks about Limiting Beliefs and How to Treat Them

Today's special guest is Dorothea Hover-Kramer, author of Second Chance at Your Dream. This new book is the first book to apply the breakthrough insights of energy psychology to stress-free aging. Energy Psychology is an exciting new healing method that changes the vibrational patterns in the body’s energy fields to produce rapid emotional healing and a sense of well-being. With the help of the over fifty exercises for rebalancing yourself offered in this book, you can face the challenges and opportunities of later life to create a time of energy, abundance and joy.

One of the topics from this book discusses changing limiting beliefs. I've asked Dorothea to discuss this topic for us today.

Limiting Beliefs and Three Ways to Treat Them
by Dorothea Hover-Kramer, Ed.D., RN, DCEP

Have you ever wondered if new advances in science could change the way you see the world? Or, have you thought, “Maybe, it’s too late for me to change my worldview”?

If so, you’re in the same boat with many others who have limiting beliefs about later life and its seemingly downhill path. Actually, some to the strongest myths about aging are being debunked by surprising recent scientific advances.

Some of the prevailing myths held that brain cells don’t regenerate, that new learning is difficult or non-existent after age sixty or seventy, and that our genetic material is a fixed reality. In truth, these myths have been debunked. Neuroplasticity of brain cells is evident in the many ways we can recover from illness to let other parts of the brain take over; or, as hearing decreases, our sense of touch or taste may actually become more acute. Neureogenesis, reproduction of brain cells, happens in people of all ages as science unlocks mysteries of the human mind which is especially supported by seeking out learning activities and novel experiences. The human mind is incredibly capable and flexible when we choose to recharge our interest in life. Similarly, genetic material can express from its protective sheaths to increase cellular healing when we are open-minded and able to release stress. The human body and its electromagnetic energy system are a vibrant accumulation of flexible and capable potentials just waiting to be discovered.

1.The first step to releasing limiting beliefs is to notice their presence. It’s often easier to see negative patterns in others, and from there we might begin to notice a few of our own. Phrases like, “I’m too old for new stuff,” “I can’t change,” “This is just who I am” express a mindset, not a truth.

2. We continue by affirming we are more than the limiting belief and that it’s all right to start by acknowledging someone else’s pattern of thinking you don’t like. “Even though__(state the name)__ believes___(state the belief)_, I deeply and profoundly accept and respect myself.” Repeat this phrase until it becomes natural for you and add a gently rub to the mid-chest, heart center area. This thought pattern combined with touch begins a gradual path to recognizing you are much more than your beliefs, your limitations or problems.

3. We add choosing a positive idea or goal. Thus, the reminder phrase change in this way, “Even though I worry about my future, I still deeply and profoundly accept and respect myself and I choose to do something I really enjoy _(name the activity)___/or I choose to find out more about____ (the new biology and its implications for my life).”

As you open to these possible actions, horizons literally expand. There is so much more to do to fill life with meaning. I recently overheard a conversation at a coffee shop. An elderly man complained to his buddy, “I went to the doctor yesterday and it was a total waste of time. I sat around and wasted the whole day waiting for test results.” The friend replied thoughtfully “Well, I always take a book to read with me, so a trip to the doctor is filled with something useful to do. I also send good wishes to the others in the waiting room because they need all the help they can get. Doctors seem overly busy but I’m sure glad we have them.”

Which view would you like to encourage within yourself? Which is less stressful and more satisfying? It’s never too late to create the life you want with your attitude and intention.

Dr. Dorothea Hover-Kramer is a psychologist and clinical nurse specialist in private practice who has authored 6 books about energy therapies including her most recent entitled Second Chance At Your Dream. She is co-founder and past president of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology, an international network of therapists and health care professionals utilizing energy-based approaches for emotional freedom and healing. You can visit her website at

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