Thursday, April 9, 2009

Transform Your Life - Sheri Kaye Hoff and Keys to Living Joyfully Show You How

Today's guest blogger is Sheri Kaye Hoff, author of the inspirational book, Keys to Living Joyfully.

Sheri is an inspirational author and life coach, residing in Parker, CO with her husband and three children. She teaches college classes as an adjunct faculty member and has earned her Master of Arts in Organizational Management. Her new inspirational book, Keys to Living Joyfully, offers a way of living a meaningful, successful and joy filled life. Ms. Hoff is a personal and executive life coach. She conducts individual life coaching, teleclasses, writes online curriculum, gives in person small and large group coaching, is a keynote speaker, and conducts corporate training.

Spirituality is a vital part of her life's work. Prayer and meditation are integral pieces of her daily ritual, which enables her to pursue her life's passions and live a truly joyful life.

Her words on faith are derived from her own Christian walk and spiritual self-discoveries. Her action steps mix faith and years of leadership training, mentoring, and management. Sheri Kaye Hoff suffered the tragic death of her younger brother when she was a teenager and struggled for years to rediscover the capacity to feel joy and to enjoy her successes. She has a heart-felt desire to pass on her knowledge and discoveries that have led to a truly transformational life. The inspirational book, Keys to Living Joyfully, offers the techniques and insights that move people towards peace, joy, energy, and passion in everyday life.

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Sheri's Turn:

Three Ways to Begin Transforming Your Life Today
by Sheri Kaye Hoff

What if your days unfolded beautifully and joyfully? What if life could flow and you could live in the moment and savor those moments? I want this for you. I want you to be able to experience a life of joy. Here are three ways to begin transforming your life today: begin a daily journal, work on things that inspire you, and cultivate a generous spirit.

You may have heard of the benefits of journaling and you may even have tried writing in a journal. When I speak of journaling, I am referring to an active process for changing your thoughts and transforming your life. I am not talking about the diaries you may have kept in the past or even present. Use your journal for a check in on your attitude and your current state of mind, but then move beyond and strive to create the life of your dreams. I begin each day’s journal entry with, “Thank you for this beautiful, glorious day.” I end each entry with “Thy will be done.” My journal entries are filled with gratitude, sprinkled with some observations, and topped with my goals and dreams. Starting my morning with writing makes my day centered and full of purpose. When I read past journal entries, I am able to see progress and dreams fulfilled. When you look back on your journal entries, you will be able to see your transformation on paper and you will be amazed.

After you finish your journaling for the day, turn your attention to work that inspires you. Maybe you have a job that you are only doing to make ends meet. All is not lost. There is, perhaps, some way that you can alter your focus on your job to see something inspiring. Can you become involved in an extra project that interests you? For the self-employed individuals, I encourage you to take a look at your business and your projects. Does your business inspire you? If not, why not? How can you change it and mold it to be your true inspiration? When your work inspires you, your whole life takes on a new feeling of lightness. You will wake up and feel excited for each day. The amount of time you spend dreading will drastically decrease. Remember that you are not trapped, there is always an element of decision making.

You are now journaling each day and doing inspiring work; now turn your attention to opportunities to give generously each day. I am not referring to giving to the point of hurting your financial position or exhausting you. I am talking about giving out of joy and the desire to make a difference in someone’s life on a daily basis. Giving might involve small things or big things, you decide. The point is that you cultivate a generous spirit. You will notice a change in your life as you deliberately begin to give. If you are already giving, evaluate your choices and your feelings about them. Can you do more or different things? Enjoy that you make a difference in people’s lives.

Begin transforming your life today with a beautiful journal and daily appointment to write; develop work that inspires you; and give generously. You will feel more joy and be able to celebrate your life every day.


Tracee said...

Journaling is something I started when my daughters were little. I really need to start doing it on a more regular basis though:)

Cheryl said...

Me too Tracee. I've let it slip over the past couple of years, but I had found it very enjoyable.

Sheri Kaye Hoff said...

Hi Tracee and Cheryl,
Isn't it wonderful that journaling can make such a powerful difference? I am excited that I could be a guest on the Book Connection and share my thoughts and ideas. Have a beautiful, glorious day.
Love and blessings,
Sheri Kaye Hoff

Darlene Siddons said...

i love journaling and some day i am going to take my journals and put them in book form as they really do tell quite a story...when all else fails, journaling brings me back, another writing exercise i do is asking questions from my higher self and then writing the answers with my non-dominate hand, you will be amazed at the answers...