Friday, April 10, 2009

Internet Dating Advice from Cherie Burbach, Author of Internet Dating is not Like Ordering a Pizza

While my single days are far behind me--and hopefully will stay that way--my single buddies would certainly appreciate Cherie Burbach's new book, Internet Dating is not Like Ordering a Pizza. Cherie joins us today as part of her month-long virtual book tour with Pump Up Your Book Promotion.

The Internet changed the whole dating scene--and many other scenes too. And writing up your online profile can be an intimidating thing. This is a subject that Cherie tackles in Internet Dating is not Like Ordering a Pizza. Today Cherie's article will discuss the top three mistakes people make when creating their online profiles.

Cherie's turn:

The Top Three Mistakes People Make in Creating Their Online Profiles

© Cherie Burbach 2009

Not Posting a Current Picture

We all become attached to certain photos over the years, but if you're going to be successful with Internet dating you have to put up a photo that reflects who you are right now. Have a friend bring his or her digital camera and shoot some candid pictures of you before you put up a profile. Then, choose one great head and shoulders shot, a full body shot, and a couple that show some things you like to do in your free time. Let the pictures help tell your story.

Using Defensive Language in Your Profile

If you read through profiles online, you will find that a lot of folks have been burned by love. How do I know? They write about it in their profile with headlines like:

"Are there any decent guys left?"

"Nice guys finish last?"

"No games."

Rather than complaining about love in your headline or essay, use that space to show a potential match what you're really like. Internet daters are reading your profile because they want to get to know you, not hear you complain. (Besides that, we all have dating horror stories we could share if we really want to.)

Having Inappropriate Search Criteria

The thing about Internet dating is that it asks you for superficial things in order to match you up with someone. The result is that daters will list their "most ideal" match, based not on someone real but on "their dream person."

For example, when filling out age requirement, many men will put a range of 18- ?. The "?" being one year younger than them. When women look at this age range, they are immediately put off, even if they fall into the range. This gives a poor impression because if you are 35 do you really want to date an 18-year old? Men will sometimes think that they just want a girl "that's of legal age" and don't give much thought to the real-life scenario.

Women, also, typically fill out income range a little higher than is probably practical. They may state a high income range because they want a man who is "stable," and when they think of what that word means it translates to filling out income range when it comes to a profile.

The thing you need to consider is what types of qualities do you want in someone. If, for example, you want someone "stable," write a profile that will attract someone of a similar mindset. Then, do your homework. Meet them for coffee and see if they are indeed someone you want to get to know. Your search criteria, unfortunately, will not do that for you.

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Storyheart said...

After meeting both my wife and my X wife on the internet I am enjoying this trip and looking forward to my radio show with the author on April22nd


Tracee said...

I'm not single, but I can see how a book like this would be beneficial - especially the part about being defensive. You hear people talk like that ALL the time!

Dorothy Thompson said...

LOL, I know what you mean, Cheryl. Thanks for hosting Cherie today!