Sunday, December 7, 2008

December Special Feature: A Little House Christmas Treasury

As a child, I fell in love with the 1970's television show Little House on the Prairie. Based upon the children's classic Little House novels by Laura Ingalls Wilder, this widely popular show told the story of the Ingalls family, pioneers who settled into a little house on Plum Creek in Walnut Grove, Minnesota.

I know many Laura Ingalls Wilder fans who refuse to watch the show because it strayed so far from the books, but because I discovered the show long before I ever read the books, both the show and the books hold a special place in my heart. Special enough that I maintain a blog titled Laura's Little Houses, which celebrates the books and the shows based upon them.

My collection of books by and about Laura Ingalls Wilder is extensive, filling an entire shelf, two deep, in one of my bookcases. I have chosen a book from this collection as the next special feature for December.

Some of the most wonderful moments in the Little House books tell us about the Christmas holidays spent with family and friends. From the Christmas in the Big Woods when Pa made the decorative shelf for the China Shepherdess to Mr. Edwards bringing presents to the Ingalls girls so Santa wouldn't have to cross the creek, from the horses that Santa brought to the Ingalls Family on Plum Creek to the boughten cap and jack-knife Almanzo received as presents in Farmer Boy, from the Christmas barrel that arrived once the trains were finally able to get through in The Long Winter to Almanzo's surprise return in These Happy Golden Years, each of these stories will tug at your heart, fill you with the joys of the season, and remind you why Laura's books attract new fans year after year.

The cover on this book is simply gorgeous. The stunning gold that contrasts so nicely against the red background, is repeated on the bound edge and Garth Williams's illustrations have been brought to life in color to add a special touch to A Little House Christmas Treasury. My husband bought this for me last year as a surprise Christmas gift and it remains one of my favorite books of the season.

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