Monday, September 15, 2008

A Worthy Muslim by Amir Makin

Joining us today is Amir Makin, author of A Worthy Muslim: Quranic Tools Needed to Overcome Oppression and Imperialism in Order to Institute Justice. As our guest blogger, I've asked Amir to discuss the objective of his book.

Many facts on Sunni Muslims have become distorted and misrepresented in today’s world. All too often we rely on information from those who do not have the benefit of the experiences they attempt to convey. I’ve noticed this trend for quite some time, and decided to rely on things I have to come to know based on my study, analysis and experiences as a Muslim for the drive behind this book. As easily one can lie, one can also misrepresent by omission. That unfortunately is what some Muslims have done when representing the way of life called Islam to others.

They often speak of this way of life from a ritualistic perspective, and rarely from a uniquely applicable one. In writing I’ve chosen to speak from the latter and convey key points that have been omitted by others. One of many topics developed in this book is the rarely discussed duty that each Muslim has in standing up for justice and fighting all forms of oppression whether its victims are Muslim or otherwise. Some in the Muslim community have stayed away from this subject because dealing with it effectively requires one to take sides. If the side of oppression is strong and its resistance is weak, then the survival of the resistance will always be in jeopardy. But there is no way to rise above that which is wrong without first identifying that wrong and developing a strategy to overcome it. One of the first strategies is to understand that Islam is not a religion. This means that it is not something that one merely chooses to associate with and claim yet only chooses to follow its principles when the desire to do so arises. It is however a way of life that encompasses intellectual, emotional, physical and socioeconomic and political development, all from a spiritual foundation. If the spiritual structure has not been developed correctly, then the strength of the individual will be ill equipped to handle any of the other categorical developmental issues to which I refer, let alone challenge them when corruption exchanges peace and justice for chaos and oppression.

Members of any society must then understand that regardless of its form the foundation of all oppression and injustice is the same. The tactics and techniques are accepted from one oppressor to the next and the only change is the face of the victim. The reason for this is because all oppressors study the history of those who complement their behavior. So what should those who resist the chaos and want a return to a balanced system of justice study? Should they all study the same? How do they develop a strategy from different vantage points?

These issues and several others like them are on the minds of many throughout the world. Whether it is a situation in the Middle East or Iraq or Africa, someone is dealing with this reality. Whether it is racism in America or understanding facts on Sunni Muslims in Britain, someone is contemplating this. Whether it is internalized oppression at home or terrorism abroad sooner or later, these issues must be addressed. A Worthy Muslim: Quranic Tools Needed to Overcome Oppression and Imperialism in Order to Institute Justice speaks to this and more unabashedly, unashamed and without apology.

I’m often asked what is the number one problem of Islam? One of the answers I give is that rarely is it explained from a standpoint of those that ask the question. Then I’m asked, if Ramadan and jihad are actually pillars of Islam? I give the same answer again. These and other questions helped provide motivation to write this book. As this is Ramadan (the month of fasting), I’m offering an opportunity for a book giveaway which will conclude at the end of Ramadan (projected date is October 2, 2008). This will require reader participation of which the complete details can be found on my blog.

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