Monday, July 21, 2008

Life to the Max by Robin Reynolds--Book Review

Inspiring, heartwarming, and filled with tidbits to help you appreciate and enjoy the world around you, Life to the Max by Robin Reynolds is a delightful read.

Told by Max, an Airedale Terrier who was adopted from the Humane Society, this story shares all that Max taught his family about life. From abandonment to rescue, from friendship and love to aging and loss, this touching tale will bring you smiles and maybe a tear or two, but in the end, you'll cherish every word.

Maxim #1: When bad things happen, worrying won't change anything. Trust you'll get through it. (Page 13)

Maxim #5: Get the most out of life by doing things you enjoy! (Page 27)

Maxim #14: Never miss a chance to tell those closest to you that you love them. (Page 39)

Life to the Max is sure to be a hit with dog lovers and anyone who seeks to be reminded of the joys of life.

Title: Life to the Max: Maxims for a Great Life by a Dog Named Max
Author: Robin Reynolds
Publisher: NICE Creative
ISBN: 978-0-9795294-0-5
U.S. Price: $24.95

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