Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Paranormal Romantic Suspense by Maureen Fisher

Today The Book Connection features author Maureen Fisher. Born in Scotland, Maureen immigrated to Canada at the age of seven. Maureen spent many years in the business world working outside of her home, but traded in her power suits and panty hose so she could concentrate on writing. Maureen and her husband live in Ottawa, where she volunteers for an addiction family program, plays bridge, and slaves over her computer to improve her writing skills.

When Maureen decided she wanted to write books, she didn't want to write those dry, boring, technical treatises she used to; she wanted to write funny romantic suspense novels.

I think she hit her mark!


Ancient Danger Stalks the Jungle on Velvet Paws…

What if she had lived before? What if she had created a legacy of betrayal that spanned several millennia? What if passion could heal her soul and love could release her from bondage?

THE JAGUAR LEGACY is a vivid story of romance and humor, peril and suspense, betrayal and trust, healing and absolution.

Despite baffling panic attacks that devastated her career, journalist Charley Underhill barges in on a Mexican archaeological dig, bent on sniffing out a juicy exposé that will restore her reputation and earn enough money for her mother’s life-saving treatment. Haunted by past betrayals, Dr. Alistair Kincaid isn’t about to let a smart-mouthed reporter leak word of his latest discovery, an ancient Olmec city, to the press. A battle of wills and wits ensues. Strands from a past life intertwine with the present, drawing the couple into a vortex of chilling evil. Torn between redeeming her soul and betraying the man she loves, Charley faces impossible choices.

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blackroze37 said...

this sounds vrey interesting!
what can be better the paranormal suspense romance, NOTHING

Maureen Fisher said...

Hi Cheryl,
Thanks for spotlighting me on your blog. I love this industry and the generous people I meet.

Cheryl said...

It's great to have you here Maureen. I've got a couple of other books to review before yours, but I am waiting impatiently to open the front cover and dive in.

Good luck with the rest of your tour.


Maureen Fisher said...

I agree with blackroze 37 -- Nothing beats paranormal suspense romance, especially if it contains quirky characters and a touch of humor.

Cora said...

It's really action packed. I loved reading it.


Tammy said...

Charley and Dr. Kincaid had me thinking about them long after I put the book down. A great ride of a book.

Maureen Fisher said...

Many thanks to Cora and Tammy for their kind comments.

Dawn Trach said...

This was such a great story and couldn't have been told by a more talented writer. I loved the combination of suspense and sassy humour. I want to read more of Charley and Kinkaid's adventures !

Dyan Garris said...

Maureen: It may seem odd because I'm in the paranormal field, but I've never heard of this genre and I must say now I am fascinated. This book has a good feel about it and seems completely intriguing in plot and characters. I would not be surprised if this went on to become a movie. Any plans of that nature in the works?