Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Audible Book Review: The Confidence Gap by Russ Harris


Do you find self-confidence a challenge? Does fear and doubt keep you from doing things in life? If so, you might want to read/listen to The Confidence Gap by Russ Harris. 

Narrated by Graeme Malcolm, The Confidence Gap helps you to reconsider your thoughts on lack of confidence being a problem with you. Right up front, Harris tells you he doesn't believe the key lies in visualization, self-hypnosis, positive affirmations, and other self-esteem boosting strategies that can provide short-term results. Instead, Harris says becoming aware of what your mind is doing (the process) leads to long-term results. 

I almost gave up on The Confidence Gap, not because I didn't like it or find the information valuable, but because I felt it dragged on and on. I am not sure what I expected, since the paperback version is 272 pages. The format of providing a running thought at the end of a chapter and picking it up at the beginning of the next chapter didn't come across well in audio format. I found it distracting because it would snap me out of the book and make me wonder if I missed something until the narrator picked up again. 

What I found the most helpful is how Harris focuses the reader on the process, not the results. Showing the reader how to develop mindfulness skills to develop how to focus on how your brain works instead of trying to fool your brain into thinking positive things when you feel negative, resonated with me. If I had to boil my thoughts on this book down into one quick sentence, it would be: this book makes sense. Harris asks the reader to clarify values so you can make life changes, which is what readers of such a book are looking for.

The author offers free resources on his website, but I think it would be helpful to order a paperback version of this book so the exercises are clear as well. I've said this about other audiobooks: exercises are better when they are on paper so you can see them. I'm glad I grabbed The Confidence Gap on Audible, but for full value and usefulness, I recommend a Kindle or paper copy.

Listening Length7 hours and 39 minutes
AuthorRuss HarrisSteven Hayes PhD - foreword
NarratorGraeme Malcolm
Audible.com Release DateDecember 09, 2014
PublisherAudible Studios
Program TypeAudiobook

I bought this book with an Audible credit. This review contains my honest opinions, which I have not been compensated for in any way.

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