Friday, April 22, 2022

Blogging from A to Z 2022 - Safe

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My husband has a very different version of safety than the girls and I do. Rarely does he concern himself with who or what is around him when he walks down the street or visits a new place. The girls and I, however, observe the people around us, what the neighborhood looks like, and the proximity to safety complexes. When we visit colleges, I ask about their campus security response time, something that never crosses my husband's mind. 

Not all of this comes down to gender. My husband is tall and strong. My girls are petite but athletic, so they have physical stamina. That leaves me; little ole hates exercise, sits at her desk for extended periods of time me. Thankfully, I haven't had many scares, but I've had a few in the workplace that are the reason I carry pepper spray and a tactical pen, have a phone app that alerts select people and--if needed--the police with one swipe, scan the perimeter of vacant properties, and know my entrance and exit upon entering a building. 

I won't claim to be an expert, and not every piece of advice works for every person. Here are links to safety tips:


annucool15 said...

I hear you. Times are bit very good and doing everything you can to stay safe makes a lot of sense. I have a daughter now and I am very careful when we walk on the streets.

Hope you check out my A-Z challenge posts. I am starting every sentence of every post with the letter of the day at

Dino said...

In our house it went along these lines...
Kids are on the trampoline
Mum says "Stay away from the edge"
Dad says "See how high you can go"

My S post S Is For Sparring

Damyanti Biswas said...

I think it's an evolutionary trait that we picked up when it comes to security. I also think it's extremely important for everyone to learn how to defend themselves irrespective of gender. We must learn to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

ladyleemanila said...

I hear you, better be safe all the time :)

moondustwriter said...

Everyone (especially women) need to have good "spidey sense" so they can avoid trouble.
I've been chased by Mafia (Ukraine), stalked (US), and our guest house was stripped bare 2 nights after we left quickly and quietly -we got a bad sense of random people watching us- (Africa.)
Can never be too secure.
Shots and Sirens

Frewin55 said...

It is so sad that this has to be the case, I grew up with Women's Liberation 1.1 and world war firmly in the rearview mirror, with the New Man, and orgasms for all. Today we have the war in Ukraine, feminists at war with Trans people, rape and domestic violence everywhere, sex cyber-bullying. Having said that, there are many good people but I wonder where all that optimism went...