Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Shelf Control - Dec 23

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Wow! I haven't participated in this meme since August. I like to use it to highlight the Kindle freebies that I haven't read, of which there are many. 

BLURB: Rich is a police officer in Dale, North Carolina. He has seen a lot in his profession, but he has seen even more in his personal life. His wife died while giving birth to his daughter, and twelve years later, he loses his little girl to Leukemia. He now lives his life in seclusion, burying himself in old photo albums and memories of the past, closing out everyone around him in the process. Julie is a business woman from New York City who is trying to escape the big city life, and find a place to truly call home. When the two meet, their lives will be changed forever.

DATE BOUGHT: August 5, 2013... just a little while ago

WHY I BOUGHT IT: My love for costal North Carolina spurred this purchase. I am also fascinated by the impact of work trauma on law enforcement. They see a lot of tough things in their line of work, but they also have personal issues they must cope with, making them vulnerable. 

Have you read this book? It received good reviews, but sounds like it needed editing. Not sure if the author has addressed that since I purchased it.


Tammy Sparks said...

This sounds so sad, not sure its something I would personally pick up, but I hope you enjoy it😁

Lisa @ Bookshelf Fantasies said...

Wow, this does sound so sad. I hope it has a happy ending! Great choice!

Louise H said...

Hearing that you've owned this for 7 years makes me feel so much better about my 3 year old book! Have a safe and peaceful holiday.

Cheryl said...

Thanks for visiting, everyone. It really sounds like a sad story, but I hope it works out in the end. Happy holidays!

Mallika@ LiteraryPotpourri said...

Like the previous comments said, this does sound hard to read but I hope the two characters see a happier future.

Cheryl said...

Thanks for stopping by, Mallika. Happy holidays!