Wednesday, July 25, 2018

First Chapter Review: The Freedom Club by Cindy Vine

Today I am reviewing the first chapter of The Freedom Club by Cindy Vine as part of her virtual book tour with Pump Up Your Book.

“We could be anybody and everybody. A group of high school stereotypes with one thing in common. Every one of us has a story.”

Every high school has the bullies, the freaks, and the weird kids that make you feel uneasy. Rourke High has more than their fair share. A few months before the end of their senior year, a group of seemingly mismatched kids get together to form The Freedom Club, hoping that they can support the victims of bullying, before they graduate. As they uncover secrets and lies they plot revenge - and discover love, friendship and truths about themselves, building up to a shocking climax that will leave you reeling.
Do you ever really know the person next to you?

COVER: Scary, but appropriate. This is what high schoolers deal with every day. The dark cover could symbolize the dark subject or the dark nature of journeying through the halls feeling alone and disliked for one reason or another.

FIRST CHAPTER: Maddie recalls a fifth grade school project, how it changed her way of thinking, and how important it has become to her as a senior in high school.

KEEP READING: Definitely! I already went ahead and read the next chapter. First of all, I have two high school students at home. One of them has dealt with ridiculous forms of bullying over the last few years, which prompted my interest in the book. There is also my own personal history of being teased profusely in school to draw me in. The author brings you right into those high school days when we all just wanted to fit in. It looks like there will be multiple points of view in this novel, so I'm hoping each of the main character's personality and voice shines through. I'm eager to read more.

I received a free digital copy of this book from the author through Pump Up Your Book. This review contains my honest opinions, which I have not been compensated for in any way.



Cindy Vine was born in South Africa and has lived and worked in many different countries as a teacher.  Cindy is currently living and working in Norway. She has three adult children who have all inherited her love of traveling and who all live in different countries.  Cindy likes to write about the difficult subjects that make you think.  Besides writing and traveling, Cindy loves cooking and fixing up houses.



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