Wednesday, April 23, 2014

First Chapter Review: The Hybrid Author by Dianne G. Sagan

Dianne G. Sagan recently released The Hybrid Author. I downloaded a sample of the book to my Kindle Fire.

BLURB: A publishing industry in constant change, authors find themselves trying to make decisions about whether or not to self-publish or traditionally publish. Now you have a book that explains the Hybrid Author path.
• What it is.
• What the options are.
• How to decide.
Including interviews with C. J. Lyons, Joanna Penn, J. A. Konrath, Hugh C. Howey, Barbara Freethy, Marie Force, Barbara Morgenroth and Jennifer Archer. The Hybrid Author is "a treasure house of useful suggestions and resources for any writer."

COVER: This cover is a great choice. It's simple. It's uncluttered. The laptop makes you think of writing. Though I'm not always a fan of the title being blocked off, the color scheme along with the border make it stand out. Nice job.

FIRST CHAPTER:  Sagan starts off by giving an overview of the various publishing paths--traditional publishing, subsidy publishing, self-publishing, and vanity publishing. The hybrid author is someone using more than one path to publication. Cited surveys and statistics support what Sagan says is the biggest challenge for authors--keeping up with voracious readers.

KEEP READING: Definitely. As an author, I've found publishing requires a ton of patience. There are days I wish my books could make it to market sooner. This is part of why I've considered self-publishing, even though I enjoy working with both my publishers. Even just the first chapter of Sagan's book has given me food for thought. The cited surveys and statistics indicate hybrid authors are finding success by boldly embracing multiple paths to publication, giving readers more of what they want--books.

Sagan's conversational style encourages readers to continue, while her experience gained from more than a decade in the industry provides the security and comfort that she can speak on such topics. I'm eager to learn more about what she has to say on the topic of hybrid authors. I also want to read all the interviews included.

File Size: 562 KB
Print Length: 158 pages
Publisher: Sagan & Associates, LLC (April 11, 2014)
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
Language: English

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