Thursday, January 2, 2014

First Chapter Review: The Very Best Christmas Present Ever by Evie Lester

I downloaded The Very Best Christmas Present Ever to my Kindle in December when it was free. This seasonal romantic comedy is only 99 cents right now.

BLURB:  This comic romance is a tasty morsel for the holidays to make even the truest cynic believe in love again.

Christmas is a time of togetherness, celebrations, family and love. But for Heather it is a time for second guessing and false hope. Fearing for her still young marriage and feeling abandoned in a time of great emotional need, she has pinned all her hopes on a Christmas present--a small gesture with great meaning--to renew her faltering relationship.

As her husband, Derek, an intern, spends long hours and late nights in the emergency room saving lives, Heather diligently and lovingly teaches her kindergarten class and wonders if her marriage is slowly, imperceptibly, slipping away. As Christmas approaches, she remembers the joy and the closeness she and her husband shared in holidays past, and grapples with her options for reigniting the spark they once shared. But did she get it all wrong when she decided that a mere sweet pastry from the hottest bakery in town was the answer to all her woes? Could it be that simple?

And how could a poodle skirt, a princess and bouncer help?

When all is said and done, Derek and Heather will come to know the regenerative power of love and Christmas, as the very best Christmas present ever touches both their lives and leaves their lives forever changed.

COVER: I'm not one to complain about seasonal settings, but this doesn't do it for me as the cover for a romantic comedy. I'm expecting a bit more whimsical. Though the silver and gold theme is lovely and the two wine glasses hint at a couple living there, I want warm and toasty. Give me a fireplace with a couple sitting together on the couch in front of the tree, not this sterile Christmas tree photo that might appear on the cover of a magazine.

FIRST CHAPTER: Heather narrates the story of how she got the very best Christmas present ever. In the opening chapter, the gift giving has already happened and she is sharing with the reader how it all took place.

KEEP READING: I'm not a huge fan of first person narrators. I don't want characters talking directly to me. It's just one of my peeves. Here, though, Lester really makes it work. The first chapter opens up with a great hook and you're quickly ready to plop down and listen to Heather share her story. Within the span of very few pages, Lester sets up the conflict, introduces both characters (though Derek is only spoken about), and reveals Heather's occupation. The final paragraph begs the reader to continue. Well done. I definitely want to know how this turns out.

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I downloaded a free Kindle version of this book. This review contains my honest opinion, which I have not been compensated for in any way.

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