Saturday, January 12, 2013

First Chapter Review: Unexpected Gifts by Joyce Brennan

This book is free today, so I decided to give it a try. Unexpected Gifts by Joyce Brennan is part of the Christmas Valley series.

BLURB: Traumatized by a bitter divorce, Elizabeth Dennison leaves her high profile real estate job in San Francisco to take over a tea and souvenir shop near a ski resort in Driftwood Springs, Colorado. She is not ready for another relationship, but handsome rancher, Morgan Hart sweeps her off her feet. Is she ready to put the past behind her and re-marry?

Seasonable snowstorms play havoc in the couple’s lives, and present them with many startling challenges. Surprises and unexpected gifts give new meaning to the couple’s future

COVER: It would be hard for me not to like a seasonal cover depicting my favorite holiday, but this one is especially nice with its red and blue packages and all that gold shimmer.

FIRST CHAPTER: Elizabeth Dennison was shocked by her bitter divorce from Brent. She should have seen the signs, but was too much in love. When her childhood friend Jess calls from Colorado with a plea for help, Elizabeth packs up and leaves San Francisco behind.

A tempting offer makes Elizabeth consider a permanent move to the small town of Driftwood Springs, but would she miss the fast-paced life of the big city? A top-notch real estate couldn't have much of a future in a little Colorado town, could she?

KEEP READING: This first chapter opens what appears to be a great story, but I have to admit my head is spinning. So much happens in Chapter One: Elizabeth leaves San Francisco, she arrives in Driftwood Springs, Jess makes her an offer, and Elizabeth begins her trial period to see how she likes life in town. That doesn't even cover the changes going on in Jess's life that creates this opportunity for Elizabeth in the first place. It's just a lot to swallow right off. I would have preferred a shorter opening chapter with a little less going on.

Brennan does a fine job of creating likable characters whose lives you want to get involved in. You empathize with Elizabeth's plight and understand how confused she is at this point in her life. Jess and her husband Eric don't seem like they will be a major part of the storyline, but I hope I'm wrong. I really like them.

The male and female leads don't meet in the first chapter, but I'm okay with that. A sneak peek at Chapter Two shows Morgan Hart appearing there, so we know it's not long before he and Elizabeth meet up. I would definitely keep reading to see how that turns out.

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I downloaded this book for free from Amazon. This review contains my honest opinions, for which I have not been compensated in any way.

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