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First Chapter Review: Always by Carol Rose

Always by Carol Rose is a contemporary romance that I downloaded for free to my Kindle in December. It is also free right now, but that can change at any moment.

BLURB: Elinor Prescott has come home at last...to Oakleigh, the gracious antebellum mansion that was home to generations of her Southern family. But the beautiful old house is a near-ruin and she can't afford to restore it. Elinor hopes to find a buyer who will cherish the home as she does. But she has one rule--she won't sell to handsome, self-made millionaire Cole Whittier.

Cole has the locals upset over his plans to build a factory nearby and Elinor's leading the opposition. He's got a fight on his hands to convince the stubborn beauty of the merits of his plans--and of everything else he discovers he wants to offer her.

It's up to Cole to persuade Elinor to see things from his perspective. The sexy industrialist is convinced that Elinor is well worth winning over.

COVER: Somebody open a window. It's warm in here. In case you hadn't guessed, this sexy man on the cover is supposed to be Cole Whittier, the hometown poor boy who ran off to make his millions, and who returns with plans to build a factory in Bayville, Louisiana. Definitely a good choice for this sensual novella.

FIRST CHAPTER: The small town of Bayville is buzzing with the return of Cole Whittier. A local boy who ran off to make his money, he returns with plans to build a factory on the old Lanier property by the river. Elinor, an accountant who keeps the books for many of the local businesses and who sits on the town council, has reservations--financial and environmental. Having only come to Bayville two years ago, Elinor has a problem with all that money can buy. But she can't deny her attraction to the smooth-talking industrialist. Cole is prepared to do whatever he can to convince her.

KEEP READING: Definitely! There is so much sexual tension in the first chapter, one can only imagine what the rest of the book is like. But don't let that fool you. This book isn't sex over substance. Rose has opened her novella with a ton of conflict outside of the attraction of the male and female leads to each. Though Elinor didn't grow up in Bayville, her family has a connection to the town. If she knew all of Cole's connections to Bayville, she would double her guard.

Told alternately from both characters' points of view, the reader is treated to a superb beginning to what looks like will be a fascinating and titillating story. I can't wait to see what happens next.

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I downloaded a free version of this book to my Kindle. This review contains my honest opinions, for which I have not been compensated in any way.

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