Friday, December 31, 2010

How Many Books Did You Read This Year?

It's that time of year again--the time when I get to thinking about how many books I've managed to read over the last 365 days. There is no contest. I'm not trying to read more books than someone else, but I am usually astounded by the sheer number of books that remain in my TBR pile come December 31st: the few books I've bought, the many books I've won, and those books I've received as gifts.

This year, I've written reviews for 174 books between this blog, Book Tours and More, and The Children's and Teens' Book Connection. I have 2 more books sitting on my desk just waiting for me to have a few moments to type up reviews, I am reading a book that I am providing an endorsement for, and I also have another book that I should finish tonight. So, when all is said and done, I'll have read close to 180 titles this year. Wow!

Feel free to let us know how many you've read this year. What were some of your favorites? What books are you looking forward to reading in 2011.

Happy New Year everyone!


Tribute Books Mama said...

Hi! I'm passing on the Stylish Blogger Award to you. If you don't do awards, that's ok. I just wanted you to know I enjoy your blog. If you do, you can visit me at Tribute Books Mama to find out what to do for the award.

Happy New Year!
Mary Ann

Teresa said...

I managed to read 81 books this year which was more than my target of 50. I'm going to shoot for 85 in 2011. My favorites have been The Confessions of Catherine de Medici by CW Gortner, Husband and Wife by Leah Stewart, Queen Hereafter by Susan Fraser King (which I just finished today), The Opposite of Me by Sarah Pekkanen, and The Dirty Life by Kristan Kimball.

saigon said...

gosh. thats a very daunting number. ia am reallay afraid of your persistence

Anonymous said...

Wow, that is quite impressive. I haven't counted up the number of books I read in 2010, but it was definitely no where close to even half of what you read.