Friday, April 8, 2016

Book Review: The Productivity Book by Michael Brecht

Michael Brecht, CEO of Doodle, an online scheduling tool, has created The Productivity Book, where he compiled interviews with experts to provide you with the tips and tools to increase your productivity.

Ever wondered what the secret is to productivity? Here’s a hint: there isn’t just one. Introducing the Doodle Productivity Book! Containing in-depth interviews with 30 of the world’s top productivity & time management experts, this book lifts the lid on the industry’s best kept tips and tricks. The result? An engaging and practical guide that will help you find your natural pace, so you can work smarter—not harder.



Since the questions we asked opened a window into a day in the life of a productivity expert, we wanted our final conclusion to reflect this. So, here’s our summary of what a productive day should look like.

The perfect day starts the night before. Outline your goals. Whether this is a simple to-do list or time blocking, make sure tomorrow’s objectives are clear. Then sleep on it.

Everyone needs a different amount of sleep. Know what works for you and structure your schedule around that. Nearly all of our experts cited adequate rest as essential to maintaining productivity.

Wake up bright and early. Leave enough time to spend at least an hour and a half preparing for the day. Whether it’s reading, yoga, Pilates, running or simply thinking. Follow this with a healthy breakfast and you’re good to go.

Get to work. Now that you’ve prepared mentally, it’s time to take on the day. This period is when you’re at your most productive, so use it wisely. Let the calls go to voicemail, put your cellphone on silent and don’t answer emails. Emails are rarely worth your most energized and motivated moments. Unless it’s a creative meeting, don’t take it.

If you need time constraints, use a timer! Or the Pomodoro Technique.

Once you’re into the afternoon, time block to focus on admin and less important tasks like responding to emails and taking meetings. This will stop you from getting distracted and help you to focus on one thing at a time.

Because your brain is slower, this is the best part of the day to incorporate technology. So, start up your favorite tried and tested apps and use them to help you take notes, see your reminders, book appointments and whatever else is important. And remember, saying “no” can be more productive than “yes”.

By this point, you should have had a highly productive day. So, use the evening to relax with friends or family. But remember: A little planning the night before can go a long way toward having a successful, fulfilling tomorrow.


The Productivity Book is a helpful resource for those who wish to become more productive by learning how to work smarter, not harder. After a brief introduction, numerous interviews appear with a variety of productivity and time management experts. The book is rounded out with an engaging Afterword and Conclusion.

It's definitely interesting to learn how experts plans their days, what Apps they use, and what their predictions are for the future. As someone who hasn't always used a ton of Apps, I am glad to have a list of new ones to consider to increase my productivity. My slight criticism is that the interviews coming one after the other makes for some monotonous--though easy--reading. I would have liked to have seen more of the author's thoughts interspersed between the interviews. He is CEO of an online scheduling tool and must have a wealth of his own information to share.

The Productivity Book is loaded with great information, so it's definitely worth reading. The low cost of the book makes purchasing it a no-brainer. Pick it up and see what a difference it can make for you.


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I received a free digital copy of this book from the author through Goddess Fish Promotions. This review contains my honest opinions, which I have not been compensated for in any way.

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