Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Resolutions I Have For 2016

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Welcome to our first Top Ten Tuesday post of the year. I love participating in this one because it talks about resolutions, which fits in well with all the goal setting everyone does around the first of the year. 

I thought it would be fun to review last year's Top Ten Resolutions before moving into this year's.

1. Catch up on my TBR Pile. Ha, ha, ha. Didn't happen.
2. Catch up on writing reviews. Have reviewed all the books I've read. 
3. Re-organize my books. Didn't happen, but I did purge some throughout 2015.
4. Reconsider my blogging duties. Done. I got rid of one blog and reduce my blogging duties on two others. 
5. Finish my middle grade novel. Only 14 chapters in, but this is on my writing goals list for completion this year.
6. Get in shape. Never even came close to happening, though I did exercise occasionally. 
7. Clean out the basement. Don't make me laugh. There is more crap in there than ever. 
8. Seriously look at self-publishing. Read a couple of books, but tabled this until I have something to self-publish that isn't a picture book requiring illustrations. 
9. Re-organize my closet. Did some, but really needs to be totally emptied and tidied up.
10. Stage my house. Nope, and probably won't happen this year either.

Top Ten Resolutions We Have For 2016
(can be bookish, personal resolutions, "I resolve to finally read these 10 books, series I resolve to finish in 2015, etc.)

  1. Catch up on my TBR Pile. I need to do this. I can't stand being overdue on reviews. I won't get to all my books, but by the end of the year I want all the books on my floor that I have promised to review to be gone. 
  2. Finish my middle grade novel. It's either this year or never. I've set my goals and have a plan on how to achieve them. By May 31, 2016 is slated to be done, but I will give myself some leeway if the real estate is profitable this year (and no reason to think it won't be).
  3. Get in Shape. Already on it. Today I started the New Year's Resolution Solution. I ate more fruits and vegetables than I have in years. This was also the first day I went without a can of soda. Oh, and I exercised too. My plan is to lose 10 pounds by the end of June.
  4. Daily Bible reading. Even if I only get in one verse, I'll be happy. I need to spend more time in the Word. 
  5. Dedicate more time to family. My in-laws are in their 80s and my kids are 28, 14, and 12. If I don't remember how quickly Johnny Boy went from baby to man, I can see it in how tall and mature the girls are getting. Need to time block the calendar with family time.
  6. Be a more dedicated spouse. Dad has his hopes and dreams, just like I do. I can't say I've always done everything I can to help him out. Marriage should be 50/50, so I need to bring it to the table. I'm sure this will require prayer to get me moving.
  7. Read more business and writing craft books. I buy them, but I don't always read them. I want to commit to reading one a quarter.
  8. Double my real estate business. I closed out 2015 by helping 14 people find new homes and 5 renters locate new rentals. I would like to be close to 30 home sales by the end of the year and still keep some rentals in the mix.
  9. Do one thing just for me this year. In 2014 I took a trip across the country to meet my friends in Wisconsin and embark upon a tour of most of the Laura Ingalls Wilder sites. For the record, I've never done anything like that before. I've never even been away from my girls for more than an overnight. I don't need anything this grand for 2016, but I want to do something special just for me--maybe a writing retreat. 
  10.  Let go of some volunteer duties. I simply do too much, and both my family and I suffer for it. It's time to reassess my life and let someone else take charge of things I don't have time for.  
Good luck with your goals for 2016. Feel free to share some of them in the comments. 

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