Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Books I Can't Believe I Haven't Read From the Young Adult Genre

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Top Ten Books I Can't Believe I Haven't Read From the Young Adult Genre

The young adult genre was never really on my radar growing up. I think that is because I've always been partial to mysteries and historical fiction. I actually went right from reading middle grade novels to adult novels as I transitioned into high school; leaving Anne of Green Gables--which was probably once considered a young adult novel--behind for The Bastard by John Jakes (though I was forced to suffer through Lord of the Flies for English my freshman year). 

Here is my list of top ten young adult novels that I can't believe I haven't read.

Now, part of the reason I haven't read Divergent is because dystopian fiction has never been my favorite genre (way too depressing). The other problem I have with it is that I fear it won't live up to its hype. I loved The Hunger Games series, but not sure I want to invest the time into this one; especially since my daughter ruined the ending of the series for me.

I have wanted to read this one since it came out. My only excuse is my overdue pile of books for review and the fact that I can't see most of my office floor because it is littered with books to be read.

I haven't read a single Harry Potter book. Gosh, I never even made it through an entire movie. I can hear readers fainting from amazement now. Fantasy, witches, wizards, and warlocks are really not my favorite. I know I will read the series eventually. How can a writer not read the most influential series of young adult books in history? 

To not have read the novel that truly kicked off the young adult genre is probably some kind of mortal sin. It is on the list, just not happening right now.

Being able to relate to the main character's struggles is what has made me curious about this novel. I'll definitely read it, but not anytime soon.

How to Be Popular by Meg Cabot hasn't really been on my radar, but after reading the synopsis I want to read it out of curiosity and for research purposes. That last point will make sense one day if I ever finish the manuscript this book would be perfect research for.

I don't know why I never read this or watched the movie. It's not like I am really dying to either, just wonder why I've never added it to my list.

Considering my affection for Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, one would think I would have hopped on the Twilight Saga right away. I just find the main characters from the movie kind of boring. I will probably read this one day, just not sure when.

The title along makes me want to read this one. The book blurb makes me equally curious. Though I will never be a huge dystopian fiction fan, this looks like a great series.

So many of my peers read A Wrinkle in Time in high school, I feel kind of jipped that none of my teachers ever assigned it to me. Instead, I was stuck with The Great Gatsby (yuck). Not having read it is another one of those mortal sin moments. I have to read it one day.

What was on your list this week?


Lauren Stoolfire said...

I've read all of these but The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and How to be Popular and they all come highly recommended from me!

Check out my TTT.

Nicole's Novel Reads said...

I hope you plan to read the Harry Potter series, The Perks of Being a Wallflower and Eleanor & Park sometime soon. Awesome books there!

ChrissiReads said...

I also went for YA this week. I really enjoyed the Harry Potter series and Eleanor & Park is my favourite Rainbow Rowell read! My TTT

Jessica @ a GREAT read said...

I loved Divergent! I feel like one of the few people who wasn't angry at the final ending.

And Harry Potter! Such love! That was one of my childhood reads growing up it seems! I think I was in 6th grade when I read the first one, then binged the next two and began the wait for 4, 5, 6, and 7!

Here's my Tuesday Post

Have a GREAT day!

Old Follower :)

christine danielle said...

DIVERGENT was amazing and it was really a trilogy I could never forget I do hope you really enjoy it like I did!
My Top Ten Tuesday!

Katherine P said...

I read the Twilight series when my oldest started reading them and they were okay. I can see why they were so popular but I didn't love them. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants looks like such a fun read and I really want to read Eleanor and Park. I'm thinking about listening to it soon. Great list!

Cheryl said...

Thanks for the great comments, everyone.

Jessica, I think that ending probably worked because it was unexpected. It just ticks me off that I know what happens, so I don't feel this burning desire to read the series now.

Katherine, others have said that about Twilight too. Maybe I am just beyond my vampire and werewolf stage--not that it was that big of a stage to begin with. I'm guessing I will read them one day.

Thanks for visiting.

Cynthia said...

Ha, I did my top ten list today and I have Harry Potter on mine too! I haven't read a single one. I know others who are amazed at this. Eleanor and Park is SO good, one of my favorites. And I loved the Divergent series. :)

Leona Henry said...

Harry Potter is the rock star of the YA genre :) I've re-read them I don't know how many times! You are in for an awesome reading adventure. I wish I could un-read the Harry Potter books so I could live that amazing experience all over again! I envy the people who haven't read it just yet, to tell the truth.

Westerfeld's Uglies series is also high in my to-read list, I've heard a lot of praise about it and planning to read it soon.

Elizabeth Book Babble said...

I need to read a couple of these books too LOL!! Here is my Top Ten Tuesday if you wanna check it out :) http://bookbabble.weebly.com/blog/top-ten-tuesday1

Cheryl said...

Thanks for your comments, ladies. I'm glad Harry Potter isn't only on my list.

I have to say that I really love this meme, because so many bloggers stop by and comment. I greatly appreciate you taking the time to do it.

Anonymous said...

So glad I'm not the only one who hasn't read the Harry Potter series! :D

My TTT: http://frannieinthepages.blogspot.it/2015/02/top-ten-tuesday-ten-books-i-cant.html