Wednesday, January 7, 2015

SWYK (Share What You Know — Jan. 7)

Welcome to the very first edition of SWYK! (Share What You Know) sponsored by MizB of Should Be ReadingThis meme asks you to share 3 tips on one of the topics belowOR 3 tips on a different topic that you know well and feel others would benefit from!
This week’s topics:
• Setting Up a WordPress blog
• Finding a Theme or Blog Template
• Choosing a “Focus Word” for the Year
• Coming Up With New Content for Your Blog
Especially in the beginning, I struggled with what to post at my blog. Why was what I saying even important? What would make people want to read my blog regularly? 
Just as an author's voice comes through in a novel, a blogger's voice will emerge; and that will help dictate the content she posts. As I began blogging about my journey to becoming a published author--a journey I don't think I ever finished for you here (so sorry), my serious, sometimes funny without realizing it voice came out. 
When I decided to start posting book reviews, readers appreciated that I provided well-balanced reviews that were fair even when a book didn't live up to my expectations. I built this blog around that. 
As far as content goes, I began posting about books that interested me. I also help to promote authors who are friends or whose books I truly enjoy. My philosophy is that you need to love blogging. It can't become a chore; because when it does it is no longer fun. One of the other things I've done at The Busy Mom's Daily is post lists of links on certain topics that are helpful to my readers: time saving tips for the kitchen, healthy tips for busy moms, best tips for working moms (which is really every mom out there), etc. You don't necessarily have to generate the original content to engage your readers.
I hope this has helped. Please feel free to share what you know on this topic too.

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