Friday, November 1, 2013

Interview with Kurt Stradtman, Author of Transcendence

Kurt D. Stradtman, author of "Am I The Person My Mother Warned Me About?" and "Transcendence" is a certified Law of Attraction Advanced Practitioner and becoming a board certified Holistic Life Coach. Stradtman's considered a psychic medium by some, which is not far from the truth. Embracing his ability to deliver messages from departed loved ones and deliver detailed psychic readings for clients, might make Stradtman a legit Psychic Medium. However you want to label it, Stradtman's number one mission in life is to help others find and maintain their inner peace and unblock their spiritual and emotional pathways.

When did you begin writing?

I began writing several years ago in college. A blog that I kept while in college documenting haphazard events in my life became a well received blog, and followers encouraged me to compile them into a manuscript. I decided to self-publish the work under the name of "Am I The Person My Mother Warned Me About?" which was a satirical memoir. Shortly after "Am I?" was released, I began blogging more and then began writing my current novel, Transcendence, which took about two years.

What is this book about?

The book, metaphysical and mysterious, surrounds five main characters in their mid-thirties. Leo and his twin sister Jade were abandoned by their mother weeks after they were born, so they never had a relationship with her. They were raised by their geology professor father, Dr. Gus, who always took Leo and Jade on his excursions because he had this crazy thought that certain geologic formations were wormholes to other planes of existence, however, nobody received his claims with any academic merit. Leo's longtime partner, Eric, broke up with him while the both were living in Atlanta, GA. Depressed, Leo decided to visit his twin sister and brother-in-law in Jacksonville, Fl. Little does Leo know that his decision to visit his twin would change his life forever. While in Jacksonville, Leo meets a strange woman name Mystere (A play off of Mystery), who brings together Leo and five others who are destined to make up a secret coven protecting a sacred text forged in the heavens, called The Book of Transcendence. The coven learns that they must jeopardize their own life in order to protect the book from falling into the hands of "The Dark Ones." A decision that they don't know if they are ready to take on. The coven will have to realize that battling and dealing with their own internal demons is the first step before they can even consider protecting the book.

What inspired you to write it?

The book's main idea originally came to me in a dream, believe it or not, a couple of years ago. With my own research of metaphysics, the plot was coming together more and more. A friend of mine in New Mexico provided some personal channellings that allowed more metaphysical facts and research to be added in and give the novel a more "historical" approach.

What will readers enjoy about this book?

Transcendence contains everything from romance to mystery to historical fact. It doesn't single out that one culture is wrong, or another is right. There are some scenes that are edge of your seats, with several plot twists embedded throughout. It surrounds the idea that there is a constant real-world battle against good and evil, but because it is so "real-world" that's what makes it even more frightening. It's a much needed break from traditional YA novels, but yet could be read and appreciated by anyone between 21 and 60.

What makes your book different from others on the market?

I think that readers will enjoy the fact that the novel surrounds witches and covens, which is the next anticipated market (i.e. Vampires, Werewolves, etc.) Also, the main characters are in their mid-thirties, which creates a nice break compared to the traditional Young Adult fantasy novels. I think the main difference that sets the book apart is even though there is the beloved "blossoming romance" that we all look for, especially in witch or vampire novels, the romance is between two guys, which isn't seen that often. Fortunately, with the progression of human rights, this will become a more common element in novels.

Where can readers purchase a copy of your book?

The book is available for purchase at your favorite eBook outlet (Starting December 2013), and could be purchased on or my website at (OR your other favorite online bookseller).

What’s up next for you?

I have intention of Transcendence to become a trilogy. Right now, having just gotten certified as a life coach, I will continue focusing my time and energy on my blog and life coaching.

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