Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Book Spotlight: A Look Inside the Playbook: How Marxists Plan to Destroy America by Anthony Napoleon, PhD with Yevegeni Yevtushenkov

Playbook incorporates the actual training manual used by Russian operatives trained in the former USSR. In Playbook you will learn that America’s traditional culture has been targeted for subversion using highly sophisticated psychological measures with the goal of imploding the United States upon itself. Once imploded, a Marxist inspired central government will be reconstituted by both elected and unelected American political operatives. It is the author’s contention that this subversion plot was initiated in the 1960s and is well on its way to success.


“We must condition children to believe in communal and socially rooted determinism, not personal responsibility. Even when confronted with, as our enemy would say, “God-given talent,” we shall emphasize the environment and diminish internal factors. Rest assured that our view will come to dominate and give us the leverage needed to control our enemy. This is because citizens like to think that given the right opportunity and environment, they too would have been great, talented and rich. It feels good to blame others or outside forces for your shortcomings. The fact that the vast majority of people are average, by definition, means we can blame our enemy for the average person’s relative lack of brilliance, talent and achievement. We shall brainwash all children to be treated as though they are geniuses in the making. We shall give them rewards, accolades and special achievement awards for merely showing up in class. Remember, there are no “average” children, only brilliant children who have been oppressed by our enemy.”

Title: A Look Inside the Playbook: How Marxists Plan to Destroy America
Author: Anthony Napoleon, PhD with Yevegeni Yevtushenkov
Publisher: Publishing (September 24, 2013)
Length: 125 pgs
Sub-Genre: Non-fiction political/social psychology

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Dr. Anthony Napoleon, PhD is a California licensed clinical psychologist with a specialization in medical and forensic psychology. His work at Indiana University at Bloomington included dual majors in the psychology department’s honor’s program and in I.U.’s school of journalism. Dr. Napoleon is an expert on mind control and how psychology can be used to modify cognitive and affective neurological function. Visit him online at

Yevgeni Yevtushenkov was a high ranking operative in the KGB who was responsible for helping to provide fundamental research for its “Active Measures” unit. This group of Russian human behavior experts was charged with developing the psychological strategies and tactics that have been used so successfully to subvert the people of the United States.

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