Friday, April 12, 2013

First Chapter Review: Eternal Spring by Doug Galante

The author of Eternal Spring, a soft science-fiction novel, submitted the first chapter for review.

BLURB: Scarlet Oak, Pennsylvania, is a small, secluded town holding a secret. Within its guarded fences tucked away deep in the Appalachians, a spring provides over 150 years of health, strength and vitality to anyone drinking a monthly dose of its water. Yet a frightening discovery is about to turn this Utopian town upside down: The spring will dry up in three months.

Panic ensues. Rival factions erupt, each peddling different plans of action. Reveal its miraculous powers to the outside world before it’s too late, or maintain the shroud of secrecy?

The timing couldn’t be worse for Andrew Ludlow, who just landed his dream job on the powerful Scarlet Oak Council. He spent years grooming himself in the image of his authoritarian father to land the spot, alienating his family along the way. Now with his beloved town in turmoil, he is at a crossroads: Reconcile with his level-headed estranged wife or continue down the path of his increasingly unstable father?

This story describes a town's inhabitants' emotional and political reactions when confronted with the reality of a dying natural resource – a fountain of youth.

COVER: It definitely speaks to the plot, but it seems an odd choice for a science fiction novel.* Not being a huge reader of science fiction, I looked online to check out other soft science fiction covers. After reviewing several, I get the feeling it's an okay match, but I still can't help thinking fairies are going to pop up at any given moment.

FIRST CHAPTER: It's April 2010. Janet and Casey are at the Sidewalk Cafe eating lunch and discussing the recent research. More tests need to be performed, but they are preparing for the worst.

KEEP READING: Author Doug Galante does a superb job of dropping details while being elusive. Casey and Janet are talking about something that could be big--you get that from their conversations--but the reader has no idea what it is. The reader doesn't met Andrew Ludlow in the first chapter, but based upon how the conversation goes between Casey and Janet, I'm guessing his introduction isn't far behind.

There was one tiny thing that nagged at me: the many hyphenated descriptions used in a very short chapter. It look stilted on the page and read aloud that way, too. Content-wise, however, I would definitely keep reading.

* It looks like the cover art has been changed since the author submitted this request. I definitely like the color scheme of the new one better, but it still has more of a fantasy feel to me.

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Right now the book is listed as FREE for Kindle.

I received the first chapter of this book from the author. This review contains my honest opinions, for which I have not been compensated in any way.

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nutschell said...

I agree. that cover doesn't look sci-fi-y. I wouldn't have known this was a sci fi novel if not for your review :)