Friday, November 9, 2012

First Chapter Review: Advancement of the Species by Ian Quin

This is the first chapter of a science fiction novel titled, Advancement of the Species by Ian Quin.

BLURB:  In his debut novella, author Ian Quin presents a story featuring a depressed, mentally disabled human, unknowingly studied by a pair of extraterrestrial observers. They watch as he is about to embark on a migration. A migration to a place unlike anything he has ever experienced before. One which not only has major implications for him, but the entire human species as well.

This book contains graphic violence and adult themes.

COVER: Like the blurb above, the cover is sparse on details. It speaks to something in the book, so it makes sense. I just don't care for it. If this was on a bookshelf among other books, you could easily miss it because it doesn't capture your attention. This is a genre that has some stunning covers, so I think this one needs more.

FIRST CHAPTER: The chapter opens with the Overseers discussing if those on earth deserve their existence. One of them believes a man named Rodney Neilman is unlike the others, so they observe him.

Rodney's life is difficult at best. His neglectful parents are ashamed of his disabilities. When tragedy strikes, Rodney doesn't know what to make of it.

KEEP READING: No, but then I'm not a huge sci-fi fan. It has to be something spectacular to make me want to stick with it. The opening of the chapter is very sparse, with the Overseers watching and hearing all that is happening on planet Earth. The author doesn't give them actions or personality, which appears to be intentional. They are, after all, these unemotional, perhaps highly intelligent beings responsible for determining the worth of the people on earth. Once the story moves on to Rodney and his life, the details pick up, there is action included with the dialogue, and the flow smooths out.

I like how the author opted for a present tense voice. It's unusual, but it works. The chapter also ends with a good cliffhanger. My greatest challenge is that the way in which the story is told doesn't truly allow you to climb into Rodney's head. It's all high-level, skimming the edges of Rodney's life. A stronger point of view might have helped allow me to care about the characters more. Regardless, though this story doesn't seem to be for me, I would be interested to see future books from the author.

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I received the first chapter of this book from the author. This review contains my honest opinions, for which I have not been compensated in any way.

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