Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Book Spotlight: The Devil's Foothold by Marilyn Meredith

Resident Deputy Jessica McGuire’s day starts much the same as usual, but when she jogs by the old family cemetery she discovers the grave of a baby had been dug up and the skeleton missing. It wasn’t much later when Pastor David Tanner reports the theft of a hand-carved redwood cross from his church. Next a baby goat is reported stolen and one of the pastor’s cows discovered mutilated in the field. Jessica and Pastor David team up to investigate these strange occurrences. He is convinced Satan worshiping is going on in their town. Jessica isn’t sure until she discovers a hooded and robed group meeting in the woods who flee upon her arrival. She knows she needs to get to the bottom of things before what’s going on escalates into something worse. Or has it already?

File Size: 390 KB
Print Length: 176 pages
Publisher: Marilyn Meredith (October 14, 2012)
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Language: English
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Marilyn Meredith is the author of the Deputy Tempe Crabtree mystery series as well as the Rocky Bluff P.D. series.

One of the first authors to embrace e-publishing she has several books that are available in both e-format and trade paperback, among them, the award winning mystery Guilt by Association.

Christian horror is another of the genres she writes in-The Choice, Deeds of Darkness, and Cup of Demons are prime examples .

She also has a chapter in the best seller, "THE PORTABLE WRITERS' CONFERENCE" from Quill Driver Press.

Also a writing teacher, Marilyn has been a featured speaker at several writers' conferences. She is a member of Mystery Writers of America, Sisters in Crime, EPIC, and the Public Safety Writers Association.


Marilyn Meredith a.k.a. F. M. Meredith said...

Thank you, Cheryl. You are such a sweetie for doing this. Actually, The Devil's Foothold is an updated version of The Choice. It's been out of print in the first version for quite some time, decided to try it as an ebook, Kindle edtion.

Cheryl said...

You're welcome. I figured rather than wait for my review, this spotlight might encourage some to pick it up right now during the month of October.

I'm glad you opted to try this as an ebook. Hope you'll let us know how it does.