Sunday, September 30, 2012

Pump Up Your Book! Announces October ‘12 Authors on Virtual Book Tours

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE- Now is the time to explore some great books. During the month of October, Pump Up Your Book! showcases 44 authors in a variety of genres: romance, mystery, Christian novels, thrillers, devotionals and more. And many of our authors are giving away fabulous prizes like the new Kindle Fire HD!

In October you’ll find several Christian novels in a variety of subgenres. Margaret Daley, Kellie Coates Gilbert, Kathy Harris, and Krista Phillips join returning author Kay Marshall Strom to discuss their Christian books. Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein returns for her sixth virtual book tour to promote her romantic mystery and spiritual awakening novel, “Next Year in Jerusalem!” and Benjamin Ethridge’s tour continues for his horror novel, “Bottled Abyss.”

Contemporary novels come to you from Mary Metcalfe and Mack Mulluncey, while thrillers in a variety of subgenres are being promoted by Thomas Block, Bud Bradshaw, Debbie Dyke, Kate McGuiness, Rebecca Reid, Helen Smith, James Houston Turner, and Pamela Samuels Young. Sandy Nathan tours with her three book paranormal fantasy series, “Tales from Earth’s End,” and we welcome back Sheila Roberts, who is on tour with her women’s fiction novel, “Better Than Chocolate.”

Also on tour in October are: Cherry Adair, Tony Cane-Honeysett, Ray East and Sam D., Deb Elkink, Libby Floyd, Eileen Hodgetts, Charlotte Hubbard, M. Thomas Long, Kfir Luzzatto, Helga Madland, Steven Manchester, Lillian Melendez, Joe Niehaus and Mary Sikora, Hank Quense, Morrie Richfield, C.V. Rosasco, and Mary Whitney.

In nonfiction, we have a Christian living devotional by James R. Anderson, and Mark Connelly continues his tour for “The IRA on Film and Television.” Kelly Preston talks about her book, “Real Dogs Don’t Whisper,” and Mark Spinak offers a compelling portrait of twelve spirits that changed the world in “Iconic Spirits.” Also on tour are Catherine Doughty and Carrieanne Fonger.

Visit YouTube at to view a video trailer introducing our clients on tour in October.

Pump Up Your Book! is a virtual book tour agency for authors who want quality service at an affordable price. More information can be found on our website at

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like there are a lot of great book tours going on this month!

John said...

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