Friday, August 10, 2012

Confessions of A Hockey Mom (Giveaway)

I've loved hockey for years. I remember when as a kid I used to watch the Boston Bruins with Uncle Phil. My Dad wasn't much of a sports person, but Uncle Phil and I watched the Bruins regularly. Those were the years when Terry O'Reilly, Peter McNab and Mike Milbury were playing. I lost interest for a while, but when my boyfriend (now hubby) and I began dating, we started going to watch some of the games live. I think my husband feel in love with me because I said what a great sound the clack of a puck hitting a hockey stick is.

My husband is responsible for getting my son into hockey. John Boy (he would kill me if he knew I nicknamed him that for blogging purposes) played for 13 years. He was a good player. He had a low center of gravity, so it was tough to knock him down. His teammates called him Stonewall. I tried never to miss a game, but sometimes I wonder if he wished I had.

I was a very active hockey mom. You couldn't talk to me during a game. My eyes and mind were focused on what was happening on the ice. I have a loud voice, so despite my small size, I'm easily heard. More than once I screamed at an unfair call by the referees. John Boy used to tell me he could often hear me from the stands. One time, during a tournament series, the officiating was so one sided, I actually swore at a ref. Whoops! That wouldn't be tolerated now. Even then, I was surprised I didn't get tossed.

It's easy to get caught up in things when your kids are playing sports. The Lil Princess (8) has played recreational softball for two years. It's definitely not as exciting as hockey, but she enjoys it. I think my crazy screaming days are behind me. That's probably for the best. She would probably be mortified if her mom was asked to leave the field.

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