Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Vacation and Other Fun Stuff

Bodie Island Lighthouse,  North Carolina

Well, the first full week of summer vacation has been an adventure. The Lil Princess (8) had pink eye last week and now the Lil Diva (10) has it. I'm praying I don't get it or I might not be able to drive to North Carolina on Friday. Hard to drive when you can't see.

I'm excited about vacation this year. This is the first vacation in years where I'm not planning to work. Yes, I could write, but instead I plan to catch up on reading and enjoy the time away. I'm contemplating not bringing my laptop, but I'll probably bring it because I like my mine better than the hubby's and I like to check the news. I won't be posting here as often as usual, but there will still be posts up.

The main reason I won't be working this year--my last day at Pump Up Your Book is on Friday. I've enjoyed the last five years working in online book promotion, but now I feel God is leading me in a new direction. I'm still praying for guidance. I'm not certain of his plans. It's scary making a change. I've made many wonderful friends during my years with Pump Up Your Book. I got the chance to read a ton of great books. I'll still be hosting authors on virtual book tour for them, but the clients featured here will not be mine. I'll be updating my disclosure policy.

Thank you for your continued readership. The Book Connection has grown a lot this year. We have more subscribers and more daily hits then ever before. I am truly grateful that so many people are enjoying the site.  Here's hoping you have a fabulous summer!


Anonymous said...

Have a great vacation!

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Admin said...

Man your kids are growing up...I remember Bodie Lighthouse, at the time we were there, that tropical depression had just gone by and the place was flooded. Hoping I can still get down there the end of July as we were planning before the kids' dad got sick but I hope you have a wonderful and restful vacation. We're surely going to miss you leaving Pump Up. *sniff sniff* You sure did help me more ways than one but I understand your calling to do something else and I know you will know what it is you want to do. Have a safe trip and take lots of pictures!